Monday, October 31, 2011

31Days of C.S. Lewis Quotes: Day 31, God's Megaphone (and VIDEO)

Thank you to each of you who have journeyed with me the last 31 days.  I hope Lewis' words have inspired, challenged, and encouraged you as they have me and so many others.  I also hope (if you haven't already) you will read some of his work, particularly Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters
If you would like a short tour through Lewis' homeland you can watch the video below.  The video was compiled by Rosie of Leavesnbloom Photography.

Day 1: Love Your Neighbor
Day 2: Atheist to Christian
Day 3: Pride
Day 4: Christian Home
Day 5: Marriage
Day 6: Truth
Day 7: God's Voice
Day 8: Wisdom in Waiting
Day 9: Hell
Day 10: Worship
Day 11: Worry
Day 12: Modern Christians
Day 13: Legalism
Day 14: The Screwtape Letters

Day 15: Blind

Day 16: Materialism
Day 18:  Forgiveness
Day 19:  Behaviour
Day 20:  Grief
Day 21: Starved
Day 23: Modern Science
Day 24: Selfishness
Day 25: Christ
Day 26: Our Guide
Day 27: He Calls (and a PHOTO treat)
Day 28: Satisfy Desires
Day 29: Good/Evil
Day 30: Enemies' Plan


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deb duty said...

Thank you for this series, Amber. The video was a perfect ending.