Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days of C.S. Lewis Quotes: Day 6, Truth

Day 1: Love your neighbor
Day 2: Atheist to Christian
Day 3: Pride

Day 4: Christian home

Day 5: Marriage

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Casey Martinez said...

Man, I just love C.S. Lewis. He was clearly a deep guy and his heart was so right on for Jesus. Love all of his quotes and this is no exception! Hope you are doing well friend. I have been MIA for so long and I miss so much! Hope the little man is doing great:).

Katie Perdue said...

Loving all these CS Lewis quotes, Amber! Thanks for sharing them, I've looked forward to reading a different one each day from your blog. Can we go longer than 31 days?!

Anonymous said...

Cant say it enough love this series, looking forward to each one :)