Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of C.S. Lewis Quotes: Day 27, He Calls (and a PHOTO treat)

Are you a C.S. Lewis fan?  If you are a Christian, it is hard not to be.  Michele of The Great Read said it well, "[H]is ability to take logic and reason and fuse it with the gospel message resonates with children [and adults]..."
Photo used with permission of Leavesnbloom Photography
I know my nephews have listened to the Narnia Audio Series a number of times and LOVE IT!  Lewis writes in a way that intrigues the imagination of young and old readers alike.  My husband has read the Narnia and Space Trilogy series multiple times throughout his 31 years of life.  He still enjoys them and I dare to say enjoys them more each time.

Rosie of Leavesnbloom Photography is also a fan of Lewis.  She was an adult before she realized she lived in the same area that inspired many of Lewis' writings.  Being a photographer, she took the opportunity to explore many of the areas familiar to him.  You can read more of her experience and see photos by viewing the links below:

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Heidi said...

We read the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe to our eldest a year or so ago. It was the first chapter book we attempted with him and were not sure he'd be able to follow the story (and sit still long enough), but he was simply captivated!

We have the entire series & I'm sure we'll slowly make our way through it together. :)

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Thankyou Amber for linking to my Lewis posts. I can remember taking the BBC video tapes with us on holiday and we had two little Jewish boys from Belarus stay with us (after the Chernobyl incident). We played the videos and even though the boys could hardly speak a word of english to us they loved those stories and sat glued to the tv screen.

I raised my boys on Narnia stories - and they still love them.

Anonymous said...

Sweetest Amber, you have done gone and outdid yourself with this post. I have butterflies from LeavesNBloom's photography and can't wait to go over and stalk (um, I mean, visit like 50 times a day) her. Thank you, thank you. I'm honored that you mentioned me, and so grateful for what you have inspired this October.

Bless you!

xoxo michele

Anonymous said...

I first read the lion the witch and the wardrobe in school. I just recently read the whole series again and seen the movies.. Love this series!