Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Z-Bear

Two!  How is it here already?  Year two of our sweet Z-bear's life has flown by.  I do love ages 15 months to around 2.5 years old, so I am sure that contributes to the feeling of speeding time.  

I hope I always remember the way you come running as fast as your legs can carry you when you hear the door open at the end of the day yelling, "Daddee, Daddee, Daddee!"

I hope I always remember that you called your blanket 'Meme" and dragged it around the house by it's corner.

I hope I always remember the way you hold up your hand while saying, "Stop it!"

I hope I always remember how you learned to swim short distances (on your own) around 21 months.

I hope I always remember your petitions to your dad to take you for a ride or a walk around the block.  

I hope I always remember the first time you climbed out of your crib, walked down the stairs with shoes in your hand, looked at me and said, "Wake!"

I hope I always remember how you used to hug your babies and push them in the stroller.

I hope I always remember how you say, "Me-mouse" for Mickey Mouse.

I hope I always remember at 18 months you could climb up and down the stairs independently.

I hope I always remember the way you loved shoes from the time you began wearing them.  You always wanted to put them on by yourself and would let us know by yelling "Do it myself!"  One day you put on your Gap blue slip ons, walked into the kitchen, looked at me while pointing at your shoes and said, "CUTE."

I hope I always remember you asking to watch "Bible" (What's In the Bible) and "Me-mouse Cubhouse."

I hope I always remember the way you and Bennett sit in the back seat singing Agency D3.  Discover. Decide. Defend. (our 2014 VBS theme song)

I hope I always remember how you rarely wanted to be rocked to sleep, but instead reached for the crib.

I hope I always remember your gorgeous blonde hair and the little curly cue that hangs down in the back.

I hope I always remember your sweet smile, the gap between your teeth and the way you used to put your hands on your cheeks when I would ask you to take a pretty picture.

I hope I always remember the way you blow your dad away with your sweet personality and love for him.

I hope I always remember the way you pucker your lips when giving us a kiss and the way you say, "Nih, Nih, Uov You."  (Night, Night, Love You)

I hope I always remember the way you want to stand on the kitchen stool to eat your meals despite us  repetitively telling you to sit down.  Your respond with "Knees," as you proceed to kneel on the stool.

I hope I always remember your love of eggs and how you will eat any vegetable if your dad has included it in an omelet.

I hope I always remember how you used to love to go outside and sit on our back deck....alone.

I hope I always remember the days you fell asleep during BSF in the jump a roo, on the floor, or in someone's arms.  

I hope I always remember the feeling I get when you sit on my lap, hug my neck, and say, "Momma."

I hope I always remember the way your hair smells.

I hope I always remember the way you love to squat to the ground, then jump as high as you can.

I hope I always remember no matter where we were people commented on your cuteness and your sweet personality.  You are pure joy!

I hope I always remember the way you push your hair out of your eyes.

I hope I always remember the way you say, "Jesus" when we are rocking you.  That is how you ask us to sing Jesus Loves You again.

Zoe you are one of the best, most precious, gracious gifts God has given me in this life.  I thank Him for you.  Happy 2nd Birthday sweet baby girl!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Favorite Books: Z's 2nd Year

In 2011 I posted about Bennett's favorite books from his first year.  Then, I posted his favorite books from his second year.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any books to post from Zoe's first year, because she wasn't really interested in looking at books or listening to us read.  Twelve months later I am thankful to say she brings us books to read to her on a daily basis.

It brings back sweet memories to look back at Bennett's favorite books from year to year, so I am going to share Zoe's from her second year of life.

Every Sandra Boyton book we own:

1.)  Moo, Baa, La La La! was one of her first favorites.  It is interesting, this book was one of Bennett's favorites from his first year!  I'll say the same thing I said in his post 3 years ago,  Boyton's books are clever, colorful and they keep Zoe's attention.  This book moves through various animal sounds in a fun, interactive way.

2.)  Doggies is a counting book that has a different bark for each number 1 to 10.  While reading it drives me a little crazy Bennett and Zoe have loved this book.  I enjoy it most when Bennett reads it to Zoe.

3.)  Blue Hat, Green Hat  is a book that brings back so many wonderful memories when I open it.  Bennett LOVED and I mean LOVED this book and now Zoe throughly enjoys it.  It is a silly book about colors and proper donning of clothing that makes my kids stop and look at every page.  Each time the turkey donns a piece of clothing improperly it says, "Oops!"  Bennett used to laugh and laugh.  Now Zoe says, "Oops!"


4.)  The Going to Bed Book is again clever and silly and colorful and full of the same characters Boyton shares in all of her books.  This is one of the many books Sam reads to Zoe before bed.


5.)  Dear Zoo is a book she has recently began to pull off the book shelf and bring to me on a daily basis.  She received it for her 1st birthday and it is a great children's book.  Now that she enjoys opening flaps I am not surprised that she enjoys this book.

6.)  My Little Book About God was a gift for Bennett's 1st birthday from a dear friend, Mrs. Agee.  It was the first book Zoe showed interest in turning the pages.  It is wordy, but she really enjoyed the illustrations.  She still won't let us read all of it to her, but she is beginning to listen to more of it and still enjoys the illustrations.


7.) Where Is Baby's Birthday Cake? She has worn this book out.  While it is almost her birthday, we have read this book every day for the last 4 months (at least).  She enjoys reading it before bed.  Karen Katz is another author that she has began to enjoy her lift the flap books.

8.)  Dog by Matthew Van Fleet is not one of my favorites, but I think I am just tired of it.  Both, Bennett and Zoe have enjoyed it, so many of it's moving parts are no longer working.  The fact that the binding is torn, a dog's head is missing, and a dog's tongue is no longer sticky makes the part type A momma crazy, but I figure that means it is well loved.

9).  the Monster at the end of this Book is the one book I can remember from my early childhood.  I did not enjoy reading....AT ALL, so when I saw this a few years ago I bought it for Bennett.  He loved it and would laugh and laugh and laugh.  Zoe is no different.  She went through a season where she brought us this book to read several times a day.  She even asked Bennett to read it to her.  I have very sweet memories of them reading it together and laughing.

10).   I'll See You In The Morning is an old favorite of Bennett's that Sam just began reading to Zoe at night.  He said she enjoys it.

11.)  Good Night Elmo! is an interactive cloth book that has velcro stars, a tooth brush to brush Elmo's teeth, a blanket to cover Elmo, and a few other items.  While I would not consider it a story, it is well loved by my little girl.  She does not look at it as much as she did a few months ago, but this was one of the first books she began showing interest in at bedtime.

12.)  Rock-a-Bye Baby, Three Little Kittens, and Teddy Bear Teddy Bear are three very short books (4 pages each) that were given to us by my friend Rebecca.  She told me her daughter loved them, so I thought I would give them a try (Zoe was not into books when we acquired them).  She has  requested and listened to each one of them before bedtime every night since.

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