Children's Activites

When my son was 16 months old I started researching activities for him.  I quickly realized there is a lot out there for children 2+ years old, but very little for the 12 to 18 month.  Therefore, I began coming up with my own list of activities for my son to complete.  Now, he is beyond the 18 month age, so I have continued to share activities appropriate for his current age.  The activity links can be found below.

Links to Pre-Toddler (12-18 month) Activities:

Pre-Toddler Activity #1:  Activity Box
Pre-Toddler Activity #2: Alphabet Box
Pre-Toddler Activity #3: Puzzle Search
Pre-Toddler Activity #4: Texture Soup
Pre-Toddler Activity #5:  What to do with Play-Doh?
Pre-Toddler Activity #6:  Pull Out Your Boxes
Pre-Toddler Activity #7:  Muffin Pan Suprise
Pre-Toddler Activity #8: Make Your Own Personalized Board Book
Pre-Toddler Activity # 9: Shape Sorting with a Twist
Pre-Toddler Activity #10: Musical Hide 'n Go Seek
10 Pre Toddler Toys (12-18 months)

Outdoor Messy Play Date
Busy Bag Swap Ideas

10 Favorite Children's Activity Sites
First Year in Books
Second Year in Books
How to Carve a Pumpkin with a Toddler
The Legend of Candy Cane Sensory Play

Links to Toddler (18-24 month) Activities

Toddler Activity #1:  Flip Top Lid Fun

Toddler Activity #2:  Make Your Own Character Match Up Blocks
Toddler Activity #3:  Play Time in the SINK
Toddler Activity #4:  Make Your Own Bathtub Paint (a Pinterest idea)
Toddler Activity #5:  Counting with Bowls
Toddler Activity #6:  Paper Towel Roll Downhill Slide
Toddler Activity #7:  Colors and Sorting
Toddler Activity #8:  Sensory Play While Reading
Toddler Activity #9:  Play-Doh Creations

Toddler Trays
  • The What's, The Why's, The Where's and A Few Ideas
  • Toddler Trays # 2: Felt Board, Dot Paint, Pegboard, Noodle Lacing, Brown Bear Matching, Pattern Blocks/Boards, Cooking with Water Beads, Letter Matching
  • Toddler Trays # 3: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Play, Painting Shells, Beanbags, Lacing Cards/Buttons, Nesting Barrels, Animal Flashcards, Dinosaur Colors/Sorting, Bean Sensory Bin
  • Toddler Trays # 4: Geometric Stacker, Alphabet Dot Paint and Tracing, ISpy Bottle, Counting Cans, Pipe Cleaner Threading, Feed the Hungry Caterpillar, Letter Sensory Bin
  • Toddler Trays # 5: Glue, Flap Books, Brown Bear Matching, Duplos with Ribbon, Letter Puzzle, and More


Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

These are great ideas! I used to be a preschool teacher and we did alot of these kind of things. I have 3 boys myself and have been thinking alot about how little there is out there for boys. Mine are grown now. Good for you for putting something out there for them!
For the future, make Snip Soup. Get a pot out of the kitchen, give him a some paper that is easy to tear and have him put it in the pot give him a big spoon to stir with. As he gets a little earlier give him strips of paper to snip for his soup. And a little older give him a sheet of paper or adds from the grocery store and let him snip out the food for his soup.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. I had never considered anything like this because I was back to qorking 40 hours a week when my oldest was this age. Now I'm home all day and trying to keep baby#2 content can be a lot of work!

thefunnymommy said...

Thank you for this awesome post! These ideas are fantastic :)
Really looking forward to trying them with my little one!