Monday, November 19, 2012

Toddler Trays 2: Felt Board, Dot Paint, Pegboard, Noodle Lacing, Brown Bear Matching, Pattern Blocks/Boards, Cooking with Water Beads, Letter Matching

Here is the original Toddler Tray post if you would like to know more of the what's, why's and where's.
  1. Seasons Felt Board (by Betty Lukens)-  We have 4 felt boards that I pull out from time to time, but mostly use for  long car rides.  These make great gifts.
  2. Character painting with Dot Paint -We LOVE dot paint!!!!!  If your kids have never used dot paint consider buying them a set.  I got online, searched free coloring pages (these were Veggie Tales), and printed them for him to paint.  I usually search for coloring pages based on his current interests. 
  3. Quercetti Pegboard Set- We love this set.  There are several picture cards that fit under the clear peg board.  There are blue, green, red, and yellow pegs that can be used to match the color on the picture card.  
  4. Pool Noodle Lacing- We had these from the Busy Bag Swap Anna and I hosted.  At 2 1/2 years old Bennett still struggles to hold the string while lacing the pool noodle, so I hold the string and encourage him to place the numbers on correctly.
  1. Animal matching while we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear-  I simply read the book and he finds the matching animal.  The animal printables can be found at DLTK for FREE.  I printed and laminated them.
  2. Pattern Blocks and Boards by Melissa and Doug-  B is hit or miss with these.  Sometimes he loves them, other times not so much.  At 2 1/2 years old, he recognizes most shapes and can complete the pattern.
  3. Cooking with Water Beads-  Water beads are wonderful for sensory play and they're cheap.  I found these for $0.49/package at Tuesday Morning.  We use them in various capacities, but here we are making pretend soup, stew, and other delicious meals.
  4. Letter Matching-Eric Carle Letter/Animal Flash Cards and Wooden Alphabet Blocks-  B was obsessed with letters for a while, so we were able to play all kinds games and activities.  Here, he was matching the letters, but mostly he wanted to build a tower and put the letters in order, so that's what we did.

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