Monday, October 15, 2012

Toddler Activity: Play-Doh Creations

Some parents dread when their children ask, "May I play with Play-Doh?"  I know it can be messy.  I know kids mix colors together.  I know kids often want to put it in their mouths.  Despite all of the "I knows" we love it!!!  B was 16 months old when I gave him his first container of Play-Doh  and we haven't stopped playing with it.  However, we (Sam and I) supervise, assist, and interact with him while he plays with Play-Doh which has made the whole experience more enjoyable. 

We usually use cookie cutters with Play-Doh, but last week we made a few creations using other household objects.  We used chop sticks, coins, sea shells, tooth picks, washers, pipe cleaners and flat end screws.

Sorry to state the obvious, but DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN UNATTENDED during this activity.  You know your child, so use common sense and do not give him/her small objects that he/she can not play with appropriately (i.e. put in mouth, throw, etc.).  I am fortunate that my 2.5 year old rarely puts objects in his mouth, up his nose,etc, but I realize some children are not safe with small objects until 3+.  You know what your child can and can not do, so don't complete this activity unless you know he/she is able to do so safely and under supervision.

Here are a few of B's creations:

And our creations (among others):

With a new baby I have less and less one on one time with B, so I was very thankful for this new fun way to play with Play-Doh.  

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Carolina said...

Will be using some of these ideas for Jack! We usually just make balls or cut out shapes and it gets old quickly...