Thursday, December 22, 2016

Children's Book Suggestions: Virginia Lee Burton

As my children get older I purchase fewer books and borrow more from the library.  The primary reason being space and the secondary reason being long term use.  However, there are a few authors whose stories I want to have for years to come, so I purchase treasuries.  One treasury we own is Mike Mulligan and More: Four Classic Stories by Virginia Lee Burton.  I think I like Virginia Lee Burton's stories more than my children.  They truly are classic.

Her most well known story is Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel first published in 1939.  Mike and his steam shovel, Mary Ann, are the best of friends.  They work hard together, but eventually find themselves out of work as bigger and "better" machinery comes along.  Mike believes Mary Ann can dig as much in a day as one hundred men can dig in a week.  You will find yourself cheering on Mike and Mary Ann as they work hard and support one another through this challenge.

The Little House is my personal favorite.  The small country cottage grows sad as the city grows up around her.  She speaks of all she misses about the country.  This story speaks to my heart having grown up in a small country town and eventually moving to a large city.

In this story Katy is given the opportunity to shine after a blizzard blankets the city.
Bennett has always loved this story.  Maybelle, the San Francisco cable car, is being replaced with buses unless someone speaks up and fights for her.  Like Mike Mulligan, you will find yourself cheering for Maybelle and the other cable cars.

Other Children's Book/Author Suggestions:
  1. William Steig
  2. Russell Hoban
  3. Jan Brett
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