Thursday, December 1, 2016

Children's Book Suggestions: William Steig

It is not a secret, we love books.  I love researching new titles my children will enjoy, reserving them at the library, and picking them up on a weekly basis.  I am often asked for book/author suggestions by my mom friends, so I have decided to share some of our favorites during the next few weeks.  

One of my son's favorite authors is William Steig.  His book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble was initially introduced to him at age 4.  He continues to enjoy his picture books at age 6.  Today, you may know his as the author of Shrek.

His books are humorous, yet thought provoking which is why they are not only some of my son's (and my daughter) favorites, but some of my favorites.

 Sylvester and the Magic Pebble is about a donkey that finds a magic pebble.  Anything he says comes true while holding the pebble.  One day Sylvester wishes to become a rock to avoid being eaten.  Once a rock he couldn't hold the pebble.  The story is about how he  returns to being a donkey.

At age 4 this was my son's favorite Steig book.  Here is my son's description, "Pete pretends to be a pizza.  It's really, really funny."

Brave Irene is my favorite (besides Sylvester).  Irene's mother the dressmaker is sick, so Irene offers to brave the storm and deliver a very important dress to the palace. A great story about perseverance.

Doctor De Soto is a dentist for animals.  His patient is a fox.  I'll let you read it to figure out the rest of the story.  It is a cute story that draws children (and adults) in.

The Amazing Bone and Amos & Boris are two other titles we enjoy.

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bobbie sue said...

Love the book post, keep 'em coming! We enjoy these books as well. Has Bennett read Steig's CDB? I can see him figuring those out.