Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Project 365: 1/1-1/7

I am torn about beginning a 365 project.  I currently do not feel very motivated to shoot, upload and share a photo every day, but I do want my photography to improve this year and this is one of the best ways to do it.  With that said some days I will be working to improve my photography skills and other days I will be snapping a quick shot of my children to remember a moment.  

January 1st: Levi enjoying Sam's co-worker Debbie's dog on New Year's day.

January 2nd:  Gymnastics class is a weekly favorite for Zoe

 January 3rd: Open gym play at Abbott's Creek Community Center is huge blessing since we have one hour and twenty minutes between pre-school and elementary school pick ups.

January 4th

January 5th: Bennett's first grade class led chapel.  Bennett gave the definition of kindness during the class skit.

January 6th:  She is always so excited when she spots my car in carline.

January 7th:  Our first snow day since moving to North Carolina deserves its own post, but here is a favorite.

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