Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He's 1.5 Years Old

We have hit the 18 month mark.  I feel like I need to throw him another birthday party or something.  I mean, 18 months is another big milestone marker.  However, I feel that every month is HUGE, because he is learning so much.

Bennett has such a sweet disposition at this stage.  He is super smiley and overall just a joy to be around. I am easily overwhelmed and exhausted, but it is not due to his personality or behavior-just the normal activity level of an 18-month old.

I know we are at the mark where you often hear parents say, "What happened to our sweet little boy?"  I am waiting for it, but it hasn't come yet, so I will just enjoy the sweet times while I can.

Here are a few things about B that I want to remember from this month:

He puts himself in time out.  Yep, you read that correctly.  It started Labor Day weekend while B spent the weekend with his grandparents.  They know our routine very well, so they enforced similar rules to ours.  Our discipline usually sounds something like this, "B you can continue doing _______ and sit in time out or you can stop doing _______ and you won't sit in time out.  Which one?"  If he makes the wrong choice, then he sits on our lap with his hands resting on his knees for 1 minute.  Well, when Grandma gave him the choices he would run away, sit on the floor with legs extended, put his hands on his knees, and sit quietly.  HILARIOUS!!!!

He has resumed his love of books.  Now, he will hold up a book and act like he is reading it.  He also enjoys sitting on his chair while we read to him.  He will walk over to the bookshelf, pull out his chair all while saying, "Sit, sit, sit," because he needs help getting onto the chair.  He pulls out books each night before bed asking us to read them to him, as well.  Some of his current favorites include:
  • All Around Chuggington Flapbook
  • Little People Farm Flapbook
  • Elmo's First Book of Colors
  • Elmo's World, Puppies!
  • Sesame Beginnings At the Zoo
  • How Do Dinosaurs Go Up and Down?

No matter what word we say, he tries to repeat it.  If we say multiple words (a sentence) he will pick out one word and try to repeat it.  Several of the words he uses regularly now contain the -ie or -ee suffix.  For example, Hi is hi-dee.  Milk is milk-ie.  Poop is poop-ie.  Dog is dogg-ie.

Several of his bath toys are squirt toys.  When bath time is over, he mimics us by trying to squeeze the water out of the toy before putting it in his toy bag.  He also loves to stomp and dance in the tub when the water is almost fully drained.  He enjoys the sound the water makes and will play like this for several minutes.

When he sees me get out cottage cheese, cheerios, raisins, etc. he goes and retrieves one of the bowls we use out of the drawer.

He goes to get his wipes and lays down on his back saying, "Poop-ie" when he needs a diaper change.

He is beginning to enjoy playing in the yard more.  He will pull weeds and dump them in the pool.  He will occasionally kick a ball.  He will try to help daddy water the grass.  He will run over to the shed and try to open the lock.  He will pick up branches, leaves, etc. and carry them around.  He is beginning to stand at the door and say, "Side, side" meaning, "Let's go outside."

He loves to climb on the couch and does so multiple times per day.  He can do it independently and requires a constant reminder that he can only stand on the couch while looking out the window.  At any time of day you may find him sitting on the couch playing with Play-doh or an egg crate filled with small balls or his Melissa and Doug cupcake set or his Melissa and Doug Vehicles Mix 'n Match puzzle.

Speaking of puzzles, just last week he began playing with the Mix 'n Match puzzle several times a day. Initially, he would just try to match the colors.  Then, he began trying to fit the pieces in correctly.  Now, he can complete the puzzle independently matching all of the colors correctly 90% of the time.  Some of his current favorite toys include:

  • Melissa and Doug Vehicles Mix 'n Match puzzle
  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Play-Doh
  • Stickers
  • Percy from Thomas the Train and Koko from Chuggington
  • Any container that has a flip top lid
  • Plastic beaded necklaces
  • His baby bottles and nipples
  • Thomas magnets
  • Plastic Zebra

He is also beginning to consistently point at an object when asked, particularly family members.  There are a few objects he will point to without being ask and will state what they are.  For example, he has a plate with a cow on it that he regularly points at while saying, "Moo."  He also has a Sesame Street plate with Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird, and Ernie on it.  He repeatedly points to Cookie and Elmo saying, "Coo-kieeeeeeee, Mo-mo."  He will point to the Wildcat on his Kentucky shirt and say, "Cat."  He always points at dogs while saying, "Dog."

We are encouraging him to participate in clean up every evening before bath time which is going very smoothly, thus far.  We have to keep reminding him, but for the most part he will assist especially if we point to a few items we want him to put away.

He is a snuggle bug and loves his routine.  He knows when it is time to eat and will walk to his high chair and say, "Eat or snack."  He rarely fights nap, bath time, or night time.  He will usually walk to the steps and begin climbing without a problem.  If I put him in the bath and don't wash his hair/body first, he will grunt for his washcloth and hand me the soap as if to say, "Mom, this is how we do it.  Wash first, play second."  He will also try to turn his fan and music on when it is time for "nigh, nigh."

Here are a few of the nicknames I continue to call him:
  • B
  • Punky Butt
  • Love Bug
  • Beester
  • Turkey Turd
  • My Little Turkey
I could go on and on sharing the things I want to remember, as I totally see how time flies by and it is easy to forget to treasure the precious moments when you are tired and spread thin, but WOW this time is sooooooooo special.

Dear Bennett,

Daddy and I want you to know that we love you no matter what.  We sometimes sit on the couch and just watch you play.  While watching, we can't express in words the joy, the pride, or the love we feel for you.  Some moments are a challenge and I lose my patience, but most moments are filled with a smile that is brought on by you.

It is true, what people say, I never knew my heart could love this much.  Some times, in the evening, while we are rocking I think about how I will miss your sweet arms wrapped around my waist and your head on my chest.  However, in those moments I remember to thank God for the precious gift of you, for the gift of you NOW.

I love you so very much,



Carrie said...

Awwwwwww!!!! I LOVE that first picture of him - so so cute. It catches his eyes and expression so well. Amber, I can tell you are just a great and loving mommy by the way you write about Bennett and your activities with him. I'm impressed by your effort to do those age specific activities that I am sure that he just eats up. :) You are doing a great job and have such a sweet little son!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet batch of memories! He's a smart cookie, and so adorable. God gave you wonderful little blessing! Thank you for sharing, Amber!

Ashley Sisk said...

How quickly he's grown - love the first shot.

Anonymous said...

Awww. He is growing up so fast. He is adorable!!

Kim said...

He is such a doll. Is he watching Mr.Noodle on Sesame Street in that one shot? I love how you captured him in candid moments throughout the day. I really like the one where he is on the couch playing with balls and an egg carton. You look all sneaky taking it. ;)

katy said...

Sweet boy! Sometimes the most difficult infants are the easiest toddlers. (Or so I hear. ;) I hope that things continue to go so well with Bennett!

Kindra said...

Happy tears fell my eyes are I read this. It's been a blessing to see B grow into the sweet little boy he is today. I love all of the pictures - my favorites are him in the yard and the one with him looking at the camera with Sam. Happy 18 months Bennett - we love you!!!

Courtney said...

SO, so cute! Love that he puts himself in time out. LOL! They get big fast, don't they?! Sweet post, Amber!

deb duty said...

Amber, Such a precious post with wonderful photos! He is so sweet and such a cutie. They really do change fast at this age.

Anonymous said...

Now he is adorable! I love that first picture.

Misty said...

Such a sweet little man you have. I'm sure you would agree that being a mom is one of the greatest experiences in the world!

Us said...

Turkey Turd? I love it! He seems like such a sweet boy. Although Sadie can be quite the booger, she has still yet to enter the "terrible two's." So I don't think all kids make that transformation. I hope Bennett always stays sweet and snuggly for you!

Unknown said...

I am with you... I haven't found myself wondering where my sweet little boy went. Sure, we have our share of tantrums, but I still get waqy more sweet than sass from him, lol. I love how much detail you capture in your posts! I need to start recording more little details. B is so, so adorable and he is lucky to have such an awesome mama! :)