Monday, March 14, 2011

Multitude Monday XLIII

I am thankful:

March 7, 2011

2196.  for a little boy eager and excited to explore things new and old
2197.  for an evening with Sam and B eating, chatting, and enjoying the weather
2198.  for creative minds willing to share with others
2199.  for B staring and pointing at the birds in the sky

March 8, 2011

2200.  for the young man who went out of his way to open the door for me and B
2201.  for children looking intently through a magnifying glass
2202.  for a family team effort to prepare and plant our mini garden in the backyard
2203.  that B is pointing at objects he wants

March 9, 2011

2204.  for a little 2 year old singing, "Trust and Obey" during quiet time at B.S.F.
2205.  for how comfortable and familiar B is when I drop him off at his B.S.F. class
2206.  for Sam showering my granny and family with prayer
2207.  for beautiful flashbacks of my granny and I in the garden while watering my own garden
2208.  for tears of thanksgiving mingled with sadness, as I think about the unique bond I have with my granny Hester

March 10, 2011

2209.  that my granny came out of surgery alert and oriented
2210.  for how well B did while we ran errands today
2211.  for the cooler temperatures

March 11, 2011

2212.  for waste management and all the people who work for them
2213.  for the visible excitement B experienced when I gave him his cow pillow pet (my papaw bought it for him before he passed away)
2214.  that B fell back asleep, in my arms, this afternoon

March 12, 2011

2215.  for a morning with Kindra and Angela exploring local Tampa shops
2216.  for a gorgeous spring day
2217.  for an evening of food, fun, and LAUGHter with the Chalmers, Goads, and Trojanowski's

March 13, 2011

2218.  for dirty hands 
2219.  for water hoses
2220.  for a day in the yard planting and cleaning


Katie Perdue said...

i LOVE 2207...i'm sure that was a sweet moment for you. I'm jealous you have a garden going- its still a little chilly here in NC to plant anything- but it won't be for long!

Deborah said...

Thanks for emailing me with the information. I've joined in. Love your blog.

Kay K said...

Blessings ....warm weather, and the garden .I love those but most of all how you express your thankfulness

GeonHui's Bakery said...

Love it when our little ones fall asleep in our arms. How sweet!

Deborah said...

Your welcome. I'll be praying for your Granny.

Sandy said...

I am so glad you are marking for gratitude and remembrance specific daily gifts: a granny's love, a husband's prayers, a son's healthy development, an organized, peaceful nursery class, the soul nurture that comes to those who tend plants, beautiful spring days...your thank you's are always a joy to read.

Carolina said...

So glad to read your granny came out of surgery well. My favorites one these week were # 2199 and 2203, so sweet Bennett is letting you know what he wants!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

I am so grateful for so many of those things, too!! Great list!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Love your list! Especially 2216!

Craig said...

Of course I love all of them. Hate choosing a fave - but here it is - 2206. for Sam showering my granny and family with prayer

You have a good man there - he has a lovely bride - faith will keep you two united for a lifetime - I can just tell :)

God Bless

Kindra said...

I'm so glad your granny did so well - and what a blessing to have those beautiful memories of time spent gardening with her. I'm excited to see your garden - so exciting!!
And I love #2204 - how precious is that!! Love your list this week and you.