Friday, December 31, 2010

More Christmas 2010

My dad has three brothers, so Christmas at the Leslie's has always been a ton of fun.  Now that all of the grandchildren have children, my granny's small house is often filled with the pitter patter of little feet.  This year we had 28.  My granny, three of her sons and spouses, 6 grandchildren with their spouses, and 8 great grandchildren and my granny's surrogate son David.

*I have to say as I learn more about photography it gets harder to post unprocessed photos or photos that have been blown out by the flash.  However, my family (and I) get annoyed with trying to shoot manual during big, fast, family events, so here is too SOOC snapshots that have been changed to B&W.
The kids enjoy some Christmas toys.
It was so great to see my cousin Jonathan and his family.
Allison with Moralee
I have so many wonderful memories of my dad taking time to play with us EVERY DAY, so it is a joy to watch him play with my son (his name sake).
Momma, give me some more.
Can I have your glasses?
I love everything about this woman.  She has taught me so much in life.  I was glad Sam captured this sweet shot of my granny kissing Bennett.
She truly is the greatest woman I have ever known.

The kids always love playing with David.
Again, I just love her to pieces.
Aunt Cheryl and Moralee are all tuckered out.
My cousin Amanda, her children Avery and Elin, my granny, and my uncle John Paul.
Bennett had so much fun playing with David.  He couldn't stop laughing.
It was so great to see my cousin Allison.  I only wish we could have spent more time together.  It passes too quickly.
This is what happens after granny food.  Everyone passes out.
Two of my favorite people in all of the world.  My dad and granny.

So sweet.
My son uses his dad as a jungle gym.
I love these two photos, as Amanda and Allison don't get to see Bennett very often.

My aunt Pam with her newest granddaughter, Elin.

I am not sure how I managed to take so many photos, yet miss my sister, Chris, Braxton, and my mom; however, I did.  They were there and had fun, as well.


Sandy said...

Makes me almost feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing the day through photos and commentary. I liked the all B&W format.

Heather said...

WoW! That is a lot of people in one house. Isn't it great though. I would rather have a house bursting at the seems at Christmas than no one at all. Happy New Year!!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Oh, wow! It looks like you guys has a great Christmas! And how handsome is he in his little outfit?!

Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I never did get that Seeds cd. :(
Let me know if there is something I can do. I don't mind sending an email if I need to.

Happy New Year!

Katie said...

I agree, shooting in manual with that many people and the business of Christmas is near impossible! I think these are all great! ...Better to have a shot that's not technically perfect than none at all! :) Hope you have a great new year!

deb duty said...

I love big families! So fun at the holidays and I'm fortunate to have married into a sort of big family! I love candid photography and you did a great job of capturing your day.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!