Sunday, January 2, 2011

Memories from 2010.....Hopes for 2011

I am no photographer, but I have always enjoyed taking pictures.  Not only do I love taking pictures, but I love reflecting on them.  To end the year, Ashley of Ramblings and Photos has asked us to reflect on 2010 choosing different photos to go along with each of the 25 themes she chose.
Memories, Dreams and Reflections

1.  Me! What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?
This year has brought so much change.  People say having a child changes everything, but you truly can't understand or fathom that until you have one of your own.  The above photo was taken a few hours after we arrived at the hospital on March 27th.  The following morning Bennett was born.  I am proud of how much better I have become at managing our household.  I am proud that I have learned the value of saying no.  I am proud that I have poured my time, heart, and mind into writing and photography.  Each are hobbies I am truly passionate about, so it has been a joy to blog and to learn so much about photography in the process.

This year I have learned to love my husband in a new and deeper way.  Watching him father our son has allowed me to see the more sensitive and gentle side of him.  I love them both......soooooo much!!

3.  STILL LAUGHING...a moment you're still laughing about
I wish I had taken photos of more things I am still LAUGHing about.  However, I was taking some photographs of my sister's family when my brother-in-law and my nephew fell into the water.  It was hysterical.  Braxton had so much fun and everyone was more relaxed after this moment.  I love the expression on Braxton's face.

4.  Winter Wonderland
I wanted....I prayed for it to snow while we were home for Christmas.  My prayers were answered!!  We had a blast playing in the snow.  The above picture perfectly captures our day.  My sister and nephew laughing with the snow spraying in their faces.  Plus, Jazz (my sister's dog) is so stinkin' cute chasing them down the hill.
Even Bennett was able to enjoy the snow.  Well, I know he looks scared out of his mind here, but he laughed a lot while we were sledding. 
I know I have shared three photos, but I was that excited to see snow.  This is a photo taken from my granny's back yard.  It is so peaceful and the mountains are so relaxing.

It is kind of crazy, but somehow I have managed to go 12 months without capturing a single birthday that truly embodies BIRTHDAY.  I have one of my husband, but he is lighting his own candles. That's what happens when you turn 30.  This photo was taken during Jack's first birthday party. 

I love this photo, because these boys inspire me to be a better friend.  Josh, Ben, Nate, and my husband met in college.  Since graduating, they (Ben has just joined the last two years) have met for a "guys" weekend every year.  It may not seem like a big deal, but they live in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Florida respectively.  They have jobs, wives, and 2 of them have children.  Their bond is so strong and each one of them loves the LORD Jesus so much that it inspires me to have authentic friendships.

Earlier this year Ashley posted a tutorial and inspired me to create my own planet.  Ashley and Courtney at Click It Up a Notch have both inspired me sooooooo much when it comes to learning more about photography.  I have a long way to go, but I will keep practicing, reading, and taking classes hoping to get better and better.

Many of you may be wondering why this picture reminds me of spring.  It doesn't really, but it was taken during April.  We live in South Florida, so there is very little (here) that reminds me of the Kentucky springs I grew up experiencing.  However, this was Bennett's first trip to the beach and it was a nice spring day in Florida.  

Again, not a technical photo, but one of my favorites.  I can't believe how little Bennett is in this photo.  He looks so cute and summer-ie in his hat and shades.

This cracks me up.  My nephew was hanging out by the pool eating his snacks and stylin' in his shades.

Every day is spent on the floor chillin' and playin' with this cool guy!

This photo makes me smile from ear to ear.  I had the timer set for the trendy feet shot, but Bennett had another idea.

Who can resist little piggies?
The thing I miss most about Kentucky is the fall weather and all of the changes that occur in nature.  Therefore, I was thrilled when we were able to visit Kentucky in October of this year for Sam's 30th birthday.

Wow, it is really hard to set a timer and take a family photo....especially when two children are involved.  However, it was more for the memory than for a technically correct photo.  I took this photo while vacationing in Hilton Head with my sister's family in June.

 We hosted "guys" weekend at our house this year and the "guys" let the girls tag along.  It was a fun celebration.
Preparing to celebrate all of those who have fought and survived heart disease, those still fighting, and those who have lost their battle.


Let's take a short drive over to Orlando, so we can revisit Harry Potter World and drink Butter Beer (non-alcoholic).  We have a three day pass, but hope we can go without little B, so that we can enjoy all Universal Studios has to offer.  

My grandfather passed away in August of this year and oh how I miss him.  He impacted my life in so many ways.  What a blessing it was to call him papaw.

My granny Hester is so beautiful.  Sam took this photo of us on Christmas day and I LOVE it and will cherish it forever.

This summer my cousin, who is more like my sister, got married.  I was honored to stand beside her as she became Mrs. Bailey.

20.  MACRO
So I am skipping this one, because I don't have a MACRO lens and I couldn't come up with a shot, I liked enough to post.

 Bennett is often captivated while his cousins play all around him.  Isaac had just finished putting the reindeer ears on Bennett's head when he took them for himself to pose for a photo.  I just love the way Bennett is admiring his ears.

No way, I could only choose one.  However, this is my favorite photo of Bennett which also made the Top 10 of '10.
 However, I love this photo and now have an 18X24 canvas of it waiting to be hung in my dining room.

Of all the photos I have taken of our family the above 3 are my favorites.

I took this photo during month 3 of Bennett's life (read more HERE) when things were really difficult.  It makes me think of something I hope to never honesty.  I have, within me, a deep conviction and desire to speak truth.  I need to continue allowing God to improve my gentleness, as I speak truth, but I am thankful that He has placed a desire in me to be honest in all things.

Nothing technical about this one, but isn't it AWESOME!!!  I cut it from my Top 10 of '10, so I thought what better time to share it than now.  Bennett was tuckered out after a long day of my cousin's wedding events.

I don't care much for resolutions, but it is nice to reflect on the past year and to 
consider things I hope to do/experience in the year to come.  
In 2011, I hope I become better at budgeting our money, so we can save and give more.  I hope I am able to take a few photography classes, learning more about lighting and exposure, in particular.  I hope my son continues to grow, learn, and be healthy.  I hope my grandmother is healed of cancer. I hope Sam and I are more in love with one another and the LORD.  I hope I intercede (through prayer) for my family and friends more consistently.  I hope I live more simply, speak more truth, and develop a gentle and quiet spirit (something I do not have).  I have many more hopes, but no one wants to read a book.

Be sure to head over to Ramblings and Photos to read and view more "Memory, Dream, and Hope" posts.  


Ashley Sisk said...

What a great collection - I loved so many of these moments and for most, they were new to me. You've had an incredible year and I know it's only going to get better from here. Hope you have a wonderful 2011.mi

Shannon said...

It's nice to know that there are people out there that are real and believe in being honest and stay true to themselves! I loved your photos...the one you did in canvas is GORGEOUS! I love your list and hope 2011 is very kind!

Your little Bennett is sweet :)

SarahinSC said...

Wow! There are some absolutely amazing shots many so I can't even pick a favorite. You really captured a lot of awesome moments. Your little dude is precious. I'm your new follower! Can't wait to see more of your work.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

All of these are fabulous! Seriously. But I really love your Spring Fever photo!!! I would like to be there right now! :)

4 Lettre Words said...

Wow...what a beautiful year, Amber! I'm a sucker for all of the photos around water...but I dearly LOVE the 1st photo. That brought back such sweet memories, for sure.

I can't wait to get to know your precious family better this year!

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

Very touching photos, happy new year!

Kindra said...

I never tire of looking at your beautiful photos sweet friend. Thanks so much for sharing them and yourself. I also desire to live more simply, speak more truth and give more. And having a like-minded friend like you is a great encouragement towards these hopes.

Alita said...

The last 3 family shots are so adorable. You are truly blessed chica and your photography is simply lovely.
Happy New Year!

Laura said...

I love you and I love how you love Sam & Bennett :) I hope we can get together this year before we move!!

Unknown said...

Aw, your still laughing photo is adorable! and precious! What a great moment. I am new to your blog, and this year we became parents as well! I can't wait to read more of your blog!

Unknown said...

I love #2! it is sooo precious! Im glad you will be following along!

Carolina said...

You truly captured 2010 well through your photos. So exciting you are using your gifts of photography and writing to glorify God and encourage others around you. Hope 2011 brings many more blessings!

Anonymous said...

These are all so great. I love your lets do it again photo. Gorgeous!

Summer said...

Great captures! Your little guy is such a little cutie.

Us said...

THese are great Amber! I was hoping to link up to the top ten post, but these kids got in the way :)

Katie said...

These photos really seem to capture your sweet family! And I love what you've written about your hopes and dreams.

Emily said...

Your photos are great! Your little boy is so incredibly adorable - I LOVE his chubby little cheeks! :) What a great post!

Tara said...

These are all great! Your little one is just too cute!

{LyndsD} said...

Oh I love the collection you put together. They are great!! I love your Snapshot and a Scripture!! First time visitor through there. Fantastic blog!!

Nat said...

I'm from south Florida and those spring and summer shots take me back home. You captured some really great moments...I love the still laughing. Your little guy is adorable. The first few months were hard for me too but I'm truly loving toddlerhood.