Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Would you say that to an adult?

Things we say or do to a baby that we are unlikely to say or do to an adult:
  1. Look at those chubby cheeks.
  2. I could eat him up.
  3. You are so big.
  4. Look at that crazy hair.
  5. Wow, your mom must feed you well.
  6. You look like a little old man.
  7. Pinch their cheeks.
  8. Blow on their belly.
  9. Do you have a dirty diaper?
  10. Why are you whining?
  11. Do you want some more boob?
I am sure there are a million more.  Can you think of any?  Please, share them with me.

Side Note:

Isn't he the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Side note, Side note:  There are some things that should not be allowed.  


Yes, he has abs tattooed on his stomach.  Really.  We saw him at the beach last weekend.  For real. 

Side Note, Side Note, Side Note:

Check out this effect I learned from Ashley at Ramblings and Photos.  If you want to give it a shot, check out the tutorial here.  You'll need PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements.

This is a picture taken of the Yacht Club on Davis Island here in Tampa.

One last thing........if that's allowed?

Bennett and I were outside on the porch.  I had been taking photos of him against a white foam board when he started playing with it.  That is how this shot came about.


Unknown said...

So true! Made me giggle out loud. How about taking photos of baby in the bathtub or in the buff on a blanket and then sending them out to the entire family and friends. Or hearing some unflattering sounds and either pulling back the pants and looking or just putting a nose to the bottom to try and determine whether it was just a little gas or if a diaper change is in order.

Ashley Sisk said...

Your planet photo looks really cool - I think you did great and so glad the tutorial worked for you. I sometimes question my ability to communicate steps in a simple way, so I'm always excited to see that what I said makes sense. Great work and thanks for sharing!

Carolina said...

I can't think of any sayings, but the one of 'do you want more boob' made me laugh. Cute picture of Bennett! his man rolls are just adorable unlike that other weird guy.

Moments and Impressions said...

great tutorial and love the picture of you two...

from paper mama

4 Lettre Words said...

LOVE the me and mama capture! So sweet.

And...I just noticed the "samber" on your sidebar. Cracks me up!

Kindra said...

I LOVE this photo of you two!
Love the things you wouldn't say to an adult - I'm too tired to think of more right now :)

Sandy said...

Cute pic of Bennett...he must have been "answering" you at the shutter click - but I really like the whiteboard pic of the two of you together.

Interesting 360 of Davis Island. Ask me about my idea about this when we talk next.

Sandy said...

tattooed washboard abs are SERIOUSLY WRONG! I'm hoping it was temporary henna as a gag initiation into some group......

Cullum Family (Matt and Jacqueline) said...

about what would you say to an adult. maybe #9 to Dave in a few years. lol :-p