Monday, October 11, 2010

Multitude Monday XXI

I am thankful:

October 4, 2010

1365.  for talking with my cousin Allison about baby Elin, the World Equestrian Games, Bennett, and Jeremy
1366-1367.  that I bought the BOB stroller today and was able to take a run with Bennett in tow
1368.  that I believe there is a God
1369.  that there has to be a reason for all of the madness
1370.  for laying on a blanket on the porch thinking about purpose, while Bennett plays

October 5, 2010

1371.  for the layout of our church nursery
1372.  for being able to share my heart with the girls at small group
1373.  for reconciliation

October 6, 2010

1374.  for group time and B.S.F. lecture regarding Isaiah 5.  It helped me to look at my current feelings more objectively versus subjectively.
1375.  that God revealed Himself to me when I was 11 years old
1376.  for a heart and mind that wrestles with truth versus lies
1377.  that there is hope in Christ Jesus
1378.  that God reveals Himself through His creation
1379.  to have spent hours outside the last few days.  The weather has been AWESOME!!!

October 7, 2010

1380.  for my daddy on his birthday
1381.  that I have wonderful memories of my dad taking time to play with me and teach me when I was a young girl
1382.  that I still sit on my daddy's lap
1383.  for how much Bennett enjoyed our time with Natasha, especially playing with all of Noah's toys while he napped
1384.  that Bennett had a wonderful evening allowing his cousins to hold and play with him

October 8, 2010

1385.  for conversation with Kindra as we walked with our boys to Starbucks
1386.  for belly LAUGHing at how cute Bennett looked in his plaid pants
1387.  for the smile Bennett brought to the faces of many Publix shoppers as he rode in the cart
1388.  for a fire burning in the chiminea
1389.  for friends gathered in our backyard on a beautiful fall evening

1390.  for chocolate and marshmallow on hands and faces as we ate s'mores
1391.  for the blessing of community

October 8, 2010

1392.  for the bird gliding over the bay this morning while driving to work
1393.  for the reflection of the sun on the still, glassy water
1394.  for our jog to Chick-fil-A for dinner
1395.  for a quick work day that yields extra money for us

October 9, 2010

1396.  for the years God allowed me to be a part of Southland Christian Church
1397.  for singing praises with Sam to our King while he made breakfast and I fed Bennett
1398.  for conversation with Sam that motivates us to make changes
1399.  that the Rays won and tied up the series with the Rangers
1400.  that there is finally a blind in our window after months of using a silver car window shade


Kay K said...

Looks like you had a great week with many blesings . love the picture of lil Bennett in his cute plaid pants .

from mel said...

What a neat idea! So great to see God's blessings in your life.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comments are awesome! I see your heart for the Lord too and His love shines through you and the words you write.

Keep up the awesome blog, sister!


Kindra said...

Can you believe I'm just now reading your post from Monday? It's been that kind of week! I continue to be impressed with your gift for photography - I love the last pic - such a neat angle with Bennett on the floor like that and Sam in the distance :)
Looking forward to more walks as our weather gets even better!