Monday, June 7, 2010

Multitude Monday III

holy experience

I am thankful:

May 31, 2010 (Memorial Day)

131.  for boiled eggs and butter for breakfast
132.  for my papaw Frank who fought in WWII (he was outside Pearl Harbor when it was bombed on the U.S. Salt Lake City)
133.  for my papaw Jim who was in Korea during WWII
134.  for my father-in-law David who fought in Vietnam
135.  for all of the men and women who have fought for the freedom we have as Americans.

136.  for our forefathers who risked everything to give us a law based on freedom
137.  for the beauty of Washington D.C. and all of the memorials that  represent those who gave their life to protect our country
138.  for all of the martyrs who gave their life defending the gospel of Jesus Christ
139.  for all of the families who support, loan out, miss, and mourn their loved ones as they serve our country
140.  for Memorial Day and time to remember and honor those we have loved and lost

June 1, 2010

141.  for playing Yahtzee with my husband
142.  for the peace I experienced while sitting on the bench at Davis Island listening to the waves crash
143.  for missionaries who devote their lives to sharing the gospel of Christ to the world
144.  that I only have 4 more days till I see my sister (it's been 6 months)
145.  that Bennett had an excellent 2 month check up
146.  for dark chocolate M & M's
147.  for a sleeping baby boy in my arms after 40 minutes of crying
148.  for the gratitude community, because today was not an easy day to give thanks
149.  for apologies and forgiveness
150.  for Chick-fil-A lemonade

June 2, 2010

151.  for ear plugs
152.  for time to write
153.  for Bath Luve for sending me a Pink Fish to give away (you can enter the give away here)

154.  for time to clean house
155.  for a God that humors me
156.  for my husband who got up and helped me with Bennett during a rough night
157.  for Mylicon (hey, sometimes it's the little things)
158.  that I only have 2 days till I see my family
159.  for my aunt Cheryl who is bringing Bennett some clothes (from her store in Kentucky) when she comes to Al's wedding
160.  for the calm after the storm

June 3, 2010

161.  that I get to see my extended family tomorrow!!!!!! and my immediate family on Saturday!!!!!!!
162.  for my in-laws for letting us borrow their car and for changing the oil
163.  for time to pack during Bennett's nap
164.  for caffeine giving me a boost today
165.  for my devotion this morning
166.  for a God who knows just what we need and when we need it
167.  for facebook which allows me to communicate and see friends/family
168.  for the group going to Africa to serve along side Hannah and Zac

169.  for the home made birthday card Isaac made David
170.  for cantaloupe and watermelon

June 4, 2010

171.   for a safe trip to South Carolina
172.  for God answering our prayer that Bennett would do well in the car

173.  for my husband who primarily cared for Bennett while I visited my family

174.  for hugs with my cousin Allison, cousin Amanda, aunt Pam, uncle John Paul, mimi and pop
175.  for conversation and rehearsal dinner with family
176.  for comfy hotel beds
177.  for tears of joy
178.  for the book Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson
179.  for only stopping twice on our way to S.C.
180.  for love shown to our little man

June 5, 2010

181.  for precious time feeding Bennett in the "family bed"
182.  for John Wooden who was a legendary basketball coach, but more so a godly example
183.  to see my sister hold my son for the first time
184.  to hear the sweet voice of my nephew Braxton
185.  to have stood beside my cousin Allison as she became Mrs. Bailey

186.  for tasty wedding cake
187.  for photos that help me remember special times
188.  for answered prayer that we could check into our condo early
189.  for family pictures on the beach
190.  the sweet personality of my cousin Avery

June 6, 2010

191.  that Bennett went back to sleep at 5 a.m. and slept till 8 a.m.
192.  for time at the beach with Sam, Bennett, sis, and Braxton
193.  for sunscreen
194.  for conversation with my sister (in person)
195.  for my mom keeping Bennett while we went to eat
196.  for shrimp
197.  for kids building sand castles on the beach
198.  for Sam and Brax playing in the ocean

199.  for Bennett having a good feeding after a rough day of feeding
200.  for listening to my sister read, "I Love You Stinky Face" to Braxton


Kay K said...

Amber I love reading your Blessings Being with family Enjoy the time with them ...
I love that you live near the ocean that is my dream to have a beach house ...
Many more blessings to you !!!!

katy said...

Enjoy the beach! I love that your cousin is now a Bailey. :)

Amanda said...

Love that photo of Bennett in his car seat and the one with his mouth open in his baby carrier. SO Sweet. He is adorable.