Thursday, June 3, 2010

I was painting......

I was painting my toe nails....

and the little man was sleeping, so I thought I would write.

-We leave for Hilton Head tomorrow to see my family and take part in my cousins wedding....WOOT!! WOOT!!

-Bennett got his two month shots Tuesday.  Shot in right leg: OUCH!!  Shot in left leg: OUCH, OUCH!!  The ouchies equalled one fussy Jib, one tired/frustrated mom, and one tired dad.  

-If you don't know what Jib means go here.

-Don't forget to enter my Bath Luve give away here.

-Be on the look out for more give aways. 

-The blog Inspired to Action has a cool calendar regarding praying for your husband here.   You can also find the "praying for your children" calendar in the same post.

-If you are in the Tampa area and would like to donate school supplies to orphans in Africa, check out my friends blog here.

-Oh no, baby crying!!!!!!!!

-I'm back, but I messed up my toe nails, so I'll write more when I'm at the beach chillin' with the fam!!


FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Kay K said...

Amber I know you are so EXCITED ...
to see your family and get to be with them for a week thats great
you will have lots of blessings for Monday !!!