Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3 months: Zoe

We've hit the 3 month mark.  I remember people telling me life would be a little easier once Bennett hit the 3 month mark and while that wasn't true for him it has been for her.  She began to settle in to life a little more around 10 weeks.

She still feeds every 2 1/2 to 3 hours minus the 7-8 hour stretch between 6:30 p.m. and 2:30 a.m.  She is primarily nursing, but has been taking a bottle of breast milk with probiotics added for the last two weeks since we've had thrush (which deserves it's own post).  She has a very narrow latch, which has led to some breast issues on my end, but overall she has had minimal problems.  

She still wants to go to sleep between 6-7 p.m.  If we push her she is not happy and typically cries vs. passing out on us.  She wakes up sometime between 2-3 a.m. to feed and then again 6 a.m. when she's ready to start the day.  I wouldn't say she has a consistent nap schedule, but she typically naps 4-5 times/day with 1 of them being 1-2 hours and the other 30-45 minutes.  She takes a paci, but also sucks her thumb.  She will still fall asleep in the Bjorn, but not as easily.  Thankfully, she is sleeping much better in her crib.

She still enjoys Matilda the Cow which hangs on her play mat.  She often coos and gurgles at it.  She has began looking in the mirror (which sits on her play mat) and trying to reach for the bumble bee that is attached to it.  She enjoys sitting in her swing (when it's off) and staring at her reflection in the mobile above.  

She loves when we talk to her.  She watches our mouth very closely.  You can see her trying to form movements with her mouth similar to ours.  When we stick our tongue out she tries to mimic us by sticking her tongue out.  She coos a lot and is beginning to make other sounds.  

She can push up on her elbows and raise her head to 90 degrees when on her stomach.  If she has had a good nap and doesn't wake up hungry we often find her in this position in her crib waiting for us to come get her.  She pushes up, raises her head and just looks around.  As soon as you talk to her she will grin even though she can't see you.

She has also discovered her hands.  She makes a fist and stares it down while rotating her wrists around. 

She is still wearing size 2 diapers, but is quickly moving towards size 3.  She can wear some 3 month clothes (ie. pants, t-shirts) but primarily wears 3-6 or 6 month onesies and sleepers.

Bennett is interacting with her more and more.  He will lay down on the play mat and talk to her.  He has asked to hold her a few times.  He has also asked to pick her up and proceeded to try dragging her by the leg :)  He kisses her head and tries to put her paci in on a regularly basis.  She has began watching him more closely and will occasionally smile when he makes eye contact with her while talking.  


I fall in love with you a little more every day as your personality begins to develop.  Your sweet coos, bright eyes, chubby thighs, and tiny feet put a smile on my face.  We have had a month full of medicine, boiling paci's, purple tongues, frequent clothing changes, and painful breast feeding latches, but you have handled it well.  I love the way you smile with your tongue out particularly when you first finish feeding and have a full belly.  I continue to pray that you will one day say, "Yes," to Christ's gift of salvation and that He would guard your heart all the days of your life.

Love you forever,



Tara said...

she is adorable! Happy 3 months Zoe!

Adeena said...

She's getting so big! :D