Monday, October 8, 2012

Sibling Love

I wanted to capture B and his sister while she was still a newborn.  We set out when she was 3 weeks old for Davis Islands both kids in tow.  I had a few shots in mind that I hoped to capture, but after setting up and making a few attempts it began to sprinkle :(  We quickly packed up and got back in the car.  I was discouraged, but the rain only lasted a few minutes, so we stopped on the other side of the island for some impromptu shots.  

As you continue to scroll you will see the majority of these photos are candid, but they will be forever cherished.  I especially love the one below.

While the light in this photo is very flat I love the moment caught between my son and my husband.  Since Z has been born B has really become best buds with his dad.

My attempt to get him to love on his sister eventually turned into this. 

And of course, this one I have shared previously, but I just love the way B is looking at her.

And while Sam and I tried several times to get Bennett to lift his feet like Zoe's without success, I still adore this shot of my two little's.


Sandy said...

Oh my goodness...these are absolutely WONDERFUL...hard to pick a favorite and seeing them in sequence tells a fun story. I think I especially like the next to last photo - the one with B"s feet raised, he is talking
(what a surprise!:-) and Z has her head turned with her tongue out a bit and appears to be listening to him...a priceless picture of the sibling relationship to come.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness these are beyond precious! So much sweetness and love!