Friday, November 18, 2011

Toddler Activity (18-24 Month) #2: Make Your Own Character Match Up Blocks

We own these Melissa & Doug Farm Sound Blocks and over the last few weeks B has started to play with them on a regular basis.  He enjoys finding the halves that match.  When he places them in the wooden tray correctly the corresponding animal sound play.

I began thinking, "I could recreate the blocks (minus the animal noises) based on his favorite characters."  Currently, he loves the Sesame Street characters, so I decided to make my own set of matching character blocks. 

Supply List:
  • 6 laminated print outs of your child's favorite character(s)
  • 2 small styrofoam blocks (I found mine at the Dollar Tree for $1 each)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Patience 

Place each laminated print out face down and outline the 2 blocks back to back.

Use your lines as a guide and cut a few centimeters inside the lines you traced, excluding the middle line.  Cut directly through the middle.

Check the sizes by placing them on the styrofoam block making adjustments as needed.  Then, glue the 12 character pieces to each side of the block making sure each character matches up.  

I placed a book on top of mine allowing them to dry for two days before introducing them to my son.

Have your child name each character, find matching halves, and match them up correctly. 

Tip #9: Most of us see toys we think our children would enjoy on a regular basis; however, we can't (and shouldn't) buy them everything.  Examine the toy and think about the ways you could recreate it at home.

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Nate and Molly said...

You are so stinkin creative! I am going to look up your activities once my boys get older :)

christina said...

BRILLIANT idea. i Pinned it! :)

Unknown said...

Brilliant! Can't wait to make these!

Sandy said...

For moms who don't have access to a laminator, I think clear contact paper would work well. Also, small cardboard cartons (cream, egg whites, etc.) could be used for a free box base, if washed, and the "triangle top" is broken down and re-fastened.

These are great ideas, Amber. I like that you are encouraging other moms to use their creativity and available resources.

Anonymous said...

such a great idea! :) i may make this for my nephew :)

Amy Sullivan said...

Hey, Lady,
Click over to my place when you get a chance. . .

Thanks for participating!

Rebecca B said...

Love it! This could also work with 2 blocks and mod podge :)

Beth ( said...

Super cute idea!!! What fun!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you next week,
Beth =-)