Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Multitude Monday LI

I am thankful:

May 9, 2011

2454.  for hugs from my boy
2455.  that my uncle Darrel did not suffer bad injuries during the car wreck he was involved in
2456.  for conversation and prayer with my sister
2457.  for a specific prayer answered--my granny was alert and recognized her children
2458.  for a ray of sunshine after the storm

May 10, 2011

2459.  for an early morning call from my mother-in-law offering to go with me to Kentucky
2460.  for our protection while traveling
2461.  for B's LAUGHter and joy while interacting with Petunia the Pig and Cluckie the Chicken (2 puppets)

May 11, 2011

2462.  for safe arrival to the mountains I call home
2463.  for a little boy walking to me with excitement and falling into arms wide open
2464.  to kiss the face of both my granny's
2465.  to have finally been able to tell granny H about the garden Sam and I are growing
2466.  for the joy B brought my mom, dad, and granny B

May 12, 2011

2467.  for my mother-in-law's help and listening ear
2468.  for the gift of knowledge and understanding my mom and sister have of the human body
2469.  for a day spend sitting with my granny's at the hospital
2470.  for the relaxation that occurs when I walk out the front door of gran's house and see the lush tree covered mountatins

May 13, 2011

2471.  to sit on the bed with granny B
2472.  for Dairy Cheers peanut butter milkshake
2473.  for the sound of birds chirping, water rushing, and leaves rustling as we walked along the river

May 14, 2011

2474.  to comb my granny B's hair
2475.  to bathe, lotion, and position my granny H with my sister
2476.  for some alone time with my sister
2477.  for my mother-in-law's continuous service, generosity, and selflessness

2478.  for an evening spent quietly chatting with my six, Chris, and Sandy
2479.  for little boys running through the grass

May 15, 2011

2480.  for cold Kentucky air in May
2481.  for Brax's LAUGHter while I read "Blue Hat, Green Hat"
2482.  for an extended period of time listening to the birds, the wind, and the rain while reflecting on days gone by
2483.  for Trevor's tender interaction with B
2484.  to hear the Compton's LAUGHing and enjoying my son
2485.  for the mountaintop view

2486.  that Sandy and Colby came to visit
2487.  for the baby birds and hawk we saw today
2488.  for my mom and dad joining B and I this evening

2489.  for deep conversation with my mother-in-law that provoked thought and deep searching
2490.  for a surprise visit from Dalton
2491.  for an evening spent chatting with my mom, dad, D, and Sandy--It was a precious time for me


Casey Martinez said...

I love reading your thanks. So honest and so real. Love the pictures too;0. Sounds like your mother in law is an amazing gal! B looks so cute in his color outside the lines shirt! lol;0.

Kay K said...

Amber ,
Loved your thanks to GOD in the storms of life .....those grannys are precious .....Granny B is sure special to me !!Sounds like you had some special times with your family
Nothing better than being with family in KY.

Anonymous said...

I love reading these. That last shirt the boys have in long sleeve. Did you cut the long sleeve part off or do they also sell a short sleeve?

Sandy said...

I'm so glad to have been given those days with you and the times visiting with your family and friends.

I especially love the picture of your dad playing with the boys...the joy and hilarity!

Sandy said...

You really caught Bennett's TODDLE in the shot with Braxton cute :-)