Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It has been a while since I have joined the Scavenger Hunt, but I couldn't resist since one of the items this week is "Capture the Sky."  You might ask, "Why is that a big deal?"

Vipul and Kindra invited Sam and I to join them and 17,000 other people to watch SPACE SHUTTLE DISCOVERY lift off, from 6 miles away.  It was so cool.  I am only posting one photo today, but will be posting more later this week.  Since I don't have a great zoom lens the photos didn't turn out all that great, but it was still AWESOME to be person.
However, I must admit, I was totally bummed I didn't have a zoom lens, like this guy.   

So, here is my shot for CAPTURE THE SKY.  It is not amazing, but if you were there, it truly was amazing.

Every-week-day, my husband drives to one of those buildings.  
Everyday, I see this skyline.

We don't have any living furry animals in our home, but Regis the Rabbit has become one of little B's best friends.......along with Goldie, of course.

This is the LIFE!!!  
We would all get tired of lying around endlessly, but it sure is nice every now and then.  
If you didn't SEE my reflection, LOOK again.

Sometimes.....okay.........most times, when taking photos of punky butt and his friends, I rarely get my camera settings correct.  This was one of those instances, but this is still one of my favorite shots EVER.  While on the GI.NOR.MOUS checker board, B was waving at Anlon and he was mesmerized.  I just love the eye contact and the movement.  If you look closely, you can see Anlon's right leg in motion, too. 
*I am also linking this up to the Paper Mama's Movement Challenge.
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Simone said...

How incredible to see the shuttle, can't beat that for a skyline shot!
Just love your blurred photo what a gorgeous interchange. So gorgeous!

Christine said...

Nice shots! You captured the sky in your husbands sunglasses as well!

Brooke said...

That shuttle take off must have been awesome!!! Great shots - I love the blurred one too :D What a cool checker board!

Ashley Sisk said...

I would love to go to a shuttle lift off - that's awesome. Love your everyday shot. Looks like a magazine.

Me said...

Wonderful visuals... made me feel like I was there too.
It looked nce and warm, not a winter coat in sight. AHHH....

deb duty said...

It must have been amazing to see lift off in person! Enjoyed your photo of the shuttle. Cute blurry shot too!

Tara said...

Wow, that is amazing...the shuttle one is such a great capture. I also LOVE your furry shot!

creatingme said...

How amazing to see the shuttle lift off!

Seizing My Day said...

Love the shuttle lift off... we went to see it once... drove 4 hours from my uncles house ... and it was canceled due to clouds or something... such a bummer!! anyway... also love the pic of the guy with the big camera!! ha ha!! and the babies on the Giant checker board... very FUN!

Jackie said...

Great pics!

Casey Martinez said...

wow, what an incredible experience to watch a shuttle take off! I wish I lived close enough to experience that! I lived in CA when a shuttle had to land near us because it overshot it's FL landing or something like that. IT came into our atmosphere 3 hours away from us but, the noise it made when it came in sounded like a bomb had gone off over the entire city. It freaked so many people out but, was a really neat experience that I will never forgot! I am following your lovely blog back now;0. I love your pictures and your edits!!

Ashley Elliott Photography said...

Great photos, love your movement photo, I can totally relate in dealing with moving kiddos;)