Friday, February 25, 2011

Kenzie Bug

I don't have a Journey of Faith Friday post today, because I totally forgot that I would be gone all day Thursday.  That is also the reason I did not link up with Shoot and Edit yesterday, as I had originally planned on Monday.  However, it was all for a good reason........I GOT TO WATCH SPACE SHUTTLE DISCOVERY LIFT OFF YESTERDAY from 6 miles away.  It was really awesome, but there will be more to come from our Kennedy Space Center experience and photos from the lift off.

Now, back to the photo I wanted to edit for this week.  I decided to post it today, because I needed to edit it anyways.  So a little over a week ago, this little sweetie and her parents and sister packed up and moved to my favorite state..............KENTUCKY!!!!  I am excited for them, but we miss them.  They are close friends of ours, who are sincere, Christ-filled, awesome people.  

(sorry about the orange hue in the photo.  this only appeared once I posted to the web, but I don't want to do two separate edits, not do I have time.)

Edited in PSE 8:  White Balance Correction, cropped photo (because I don't perform two separate edits for web and print, I usually crop on a 11X15 or 5X7 ratio.  This allows whoever is printing the most possibilities to print smaller/larger sizes without a leg, arm, or half of the head being cut off), duplicated Layer and applied Unsharp Mask at 70%.  Then I ran, the Coffee Shop Perfect Portrait 2 Action.  Within the action, I adjusted the blacks and mid tones on the levels layer.  Smooth skin layer:  applied brush to face at 39% opacity.  Brightness layer:  decreased contrast to 5.  Used black brush at 100% opacity on layer mask to completely remove brightness from the right side of her face (camera left).  Contrast pop layer:  decreased to 30% opacity.  Eye define layer:  applied to eyes with 25% opacity brush.  Applied Black and White layer.  (There are several other layers you can use in this action.  If I did not mention the layers, then I did not use them.)

Good to Wow


Sarah Coggins said...

Such a sweet shot! I like your edit a lot. :) And how cool to watch the shuttle take off from such a close distance. I bet that was pretty exciting!

Kindra said...

I LOVE this picture - you really captured her sweet, funny personality. I just know this will be one of their favorites of her!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love love love your edit - beautiful.

Craig said...

Wow, I’ve never known a real person who saw one of those. Cannot wait to see the shots.

When I read the photo stuff it sounded my mind glazed over – but I know the results you get so obviously everything you did was right. And it’s a gift you are using – and it is a gift – so that makes me smile.

And I saw the It band video – you know stuff !!! I was a personal trainer – my sis is a chiropractor – your video was spot on!!

God Bless you and all of yours

Lynda said...

What a cutie pie - I love the black and white, even with the slight tint to it! (Blogger compresses uploaded photos so this removal of information in your shot is likely what's causing the tint.)

How neat must it have been to watch a space shuttle launch!

R and J Studios said...

that looks great in B & W!

jillconyers said...

What a wonderful capture and your edit is great.

I see you're on daily mile. Me too :)

Unknown said...

love what you did with this shot - beautiful edit!