Monday, February 7, 2011

Multitude Monday XXXVIII

I am thankful:

January 31, 2011

2014.  for fresh air blowing through open windows
2015.  for the open water
2016.  for bridges that allow us to travel over the water
2017.  for bridge design that allows my husband to work

2018.  for birds on lamp posts
2019.  for bright blue skies
2020.  for a blanket stretched wide, in the yard, to play on
2021.  for Bennett's open mouth kisses
2022.  that today was a better day

February 1, 2011

2023.  for much needed encouragement from Kindra
2024.  that I asked the Lord specifically to help my crying son return to sleep and He did
2025.  that I randomly saw a piece of plexiglass being thrown away and I snatched it (I have been looking for a cheap or free piece for a photo)
2026.  for B's open mouth kisses (again today)
2027.  for kind words, regarding my blog, spoken through a voicemail

February 2, 2011

2028.  for each and every God moment I've experienced during Bible Study Fellowship
2029.  for moments of clarity when life's circumstances are beating me down
2030.  for a short time of rest
2031.  for slacking on the house work this week and feeling OK about it
2032.  for time out with Kindra conversing without children or spouses
2033.  for playtime with Bennett

February 4, 2011

2034.  that B is really beginning to enjoy books
2025.  for a house full of little boys learning to interact with one another
2026.  for talk around the lunch table with friends
2027.  for a stroll with the boys in the little red wagon

2028.  for the cream bag hanging on my door knob when I got home--containing a sweet surprise 
2029.  for tears of thankfulness and brokenness
2030.  for all of the leftovers we typically get to bring home after Thursday night dinners with my in-laws

February 5, 2011

2031.  for spending time with the Lord before the sun came up
2032.  for a wonderful, relaxed day with my son (it was needed)
2033.  for a spring-like day
2034.  for breathing heavy while running

February 5, 2011

2035.  for some alone time while driving
2036.  for momma's busy getting their children ready
2037.  for the sound of rain hitting the sidewalk
2038.  for thermometers
2039.  to comfort a sick baby boy

February 6, 2011

2040.  that the fever broke
2041.  for bath time with my baby boy
2042.  that B is feeling and acting more like himself
2043.  for a pleasant walk to starbucks
2044.  for Super Bowl Sunday with the Ross's and Shah's
2045.  for McKenzie's sweet hugs


Carolina said...

Hope Bennett is feeling better. Loved your list today!

Rebecca B said...

Wonderful list :)
Keep me posted on the book club-thanks for thinking of me. :)
And if little girls are ever welcome on a afternoon walk with friends, keep Hannah (and me) in mind :) Any time out of the house even for a short break from work is always refreshing!

Kindra said...

A wonderful list as always. I love the pictures of our little guys together. And I needed that time out away from husbands and babies as much as you did :)

Unknown said...

love your thankful list.

Sandy said...

open-mouth baby kisses....reading this list makes me happy, as always. Love the pic of B "booking" and the happy wagon pics...I can see the fruit of your gratitude discipline growing...

Melissa @ Bartlett Fam Blog said...

your little one is just so precious!