Monday, January 17, 2011

Multitude Monday XXXV

I am thankful:

January 10, 2011

1872.  for a wonderful nights sleep
1873.  for some good news from my sister that I hope materializes
1874.  for the two puppets I found for Bennett today
1875.  for working on completing our photo wall (found HERE)
1876.  for time to sit and blog while icing my foot this evening
1877.  for sweet potato fries

January 11, 2011

1878.  for Sam taking out the trash
1879.  for a little warm hand on the side of my cheek
1880.  for watching B learn to get on his knees and stand by himself
1881.  to enjoy a Starbuck's coffee with Sam and Bennett (while Derek Jeter enjoyed one behind us)
1882.  that I was able to get my "canvas" blog post done during B's nap
1883.  for a Tuesday evening relaxing with my family

January 12, 2011

1884.  for welcoming smiles during our first BSF of the New Year
1885.  for Sandy's thoughtfulness while shopping today.  She bought me a skirt.
1886.  for quiet time
1887.  to watch the awe/intrigue on the faces of children as we sang songs with hand motions
1888.  for the Shah's having us over for dinner
1889.  to feel the comfort of conversation with a good friend whom you trust and enjoy
1890.  for Sam rubbing my legs and encouraging me when I'm discouraged

January 13, 2011

1891.  for how much easier it is to run errands with Bennett now that he is older
1892.  to be a part of a life that is daily developing before my eyes
1893.  for our friendly waitress at Outback
1894.  for my in-laws taking the time to come have dinner with us in Tampa
1895.  for conversation with friends about current and future challenges of parenting

January 14, 2011

1896.  for the hymn, "There's Just Something About That Name"
1897.  for the bright sunshine
1898.  for my sister's good news regarding work
1899.  for spending time in God's Word
1900.  for repetition that helps my son learn
1901.  that B has become attached to "Goldie" (a plastic fish).  It is a nice, small toy that easily soothes him.
1902.  to see and spend time with the Ross's tonight
1903.  for McKenzie's excitement to show me the kitchen she got for Christmas
1904.  for playing new games with good friends

January 15, 2011

1905.  for the slower pace of life that occurs when I step inside Grande Court Assisted Living Facility
1906.  for a magnificent view of Tampa Bay while working with a patient
1907.  for the opportunity to sit among years of wisdom
1908.  for the unexpected dinner and visit with the Neiderer's and the Shah's 
1909.  for the power of testimony
1910.  for a new perspective that softened my heart
1911.  for honest, raw conversation
1912.  for tears of heartache and awe of faithfulness
1913.  for the differences between men and women

January 16, 2011

1914.  to have seen and chatted with Heather and Casey at church
1915.  for the gospel message that is always changing lives
1916.  for a restful afternoon
1917.  for the time and opportunity to photograph my family
**All of the photos are SOOC (straight out of camera).  I learned so much with Ashley and Jill last week during Shoot and Edit that I am linking up again.  
Good to Wow
1918.  for the many moments of little B's LAUGHter feeling the air


Unknown said...

Amber - I adore visiting you!

Love your thankful heart and your precious ways of seeing things through the eyes of our most gracious God! :-)

I love your family shot and that you showed the set-up PRECIOUS!

Have a blessed day!

Lexi said...

these SOOC are great!!! Love the family shot at the sweet!

Kathleen said...

Great shots...and I LOVE your photo wall!! What a wonderful canvas!

Sarah Coggins said...

Lots of wonderful things to be thankful for! Love your list and all your photos - especially the shot of your beautiful family. :)

Kay K said...

I too love that Song there is something about that name ....
GOD is so good to us with so many blessings each week !!

Kindra said...

Ok, these are seriously good pictures girl! I love the white back drop and the way you tied in the peach color of your headband with B's shirt and Sam's tie (now I'm really noticing :)
#'s 1911 and 1912 are my favorites - I've been thinking about them a lot!
As always, love Multitide Mondays!

Ashley Sisk said...

You have a lot to be thankful for - love it. And the photos too! So glad you're enjoying our newest challenge.

Unknown said...

love your words of thanks and your little fishy is going to really POP off the page after your edit.

Anonymous said...

Love your shots! I have a multitude Monday on my main blog ( and the photo editing meme on my photo blog ( YIKES! LOL

Anyway, love your thankful list too

4 Lettre Words said...

What an amazing list! LOVE your attitude, my friend.

That foto is darling. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Mama Smors said...

loving your new blog header and all of those pics!! it is pretty awesome that you can photo your own family :)

Amanda said...

Seriously girl, you amaze me. Your photography skills are growing all the time! Love the new look and new family photos and how you tied everyone's look all together. Bennett is looking more boyish now (and less babyish!) So happy to see him growing and developing. Hope we can catch up soon.

Courtney said...

Love that you were able to take come family photos!! How cute!! Can't wait to see more of them!! Love the new banner!

Daniele Valois said...

Can't wait to see these edited. Really nice!