Monday, January 3, 2011

Multitude Monday XXXII and XXXIII

I am thankful:

December 20, 2010

1743.  for little hands rummaging through my overnight bag
1744.  that my dad made it off the snowy roads safely
1745.  for various blog posts that blessed me today (Ashley Sisk, A Holy Experience, Sandy)
1746. for the moon's reflection on the bay while running this evening
1747.  for a God who paints the sky blue and pink and purple and orange
1748.  for Christmas breakfast at dinner with my family
1749.  for the Vintage Pearl necklace Sam gave me for Christmas.  I love it!!
Sporting our gifts
1750.  for Sam's encouraging, loving letter
1751.  for little hands pulling ornaments off the tree

December 21, 2010

1752.  that even when I get frustrated, God forgives and sets my feet on solid ground AGAIN
1753.  for people, like Scott and Whitney, who truly are serving Christ above self
1754.  for how they have forced me to examine my heart and my motives
1755.  that God hears our prayers and knows every cry, heart beat, thought and joy of baby K
1756.  for a baby boy tucked safely in his bed that I am blessed to call my child
1757.  that even when little B sees my frustration, he forgives and wants me to hold him
1758.  for the lesson that daily routines and tasks sometimes have to wait
1759.  for giving to those in need

December 22, 2010

1760.  for fresh citrus from my in-law's tree to take home to my family
1761.  for a short visit from my mother-in-law, Kindra, and Anlon before leaving for Kentucky
1762.  for a safe trip thus far

December 23, 2010

1763.  for Amanda Reiss on her birthday
1764.  for continental breakfast
1765.  for free WI-FI
1766.  for Sam's ability to calm/soothe Bennett while I was driving through Tennessee
1767.  for the clouds casting shadows on the mountains
1768.  for the mountaintop view-literally
1769.  for a short, but lovely visit with Suz, Jack, and Jackson
1770.  for arriving in Prestonsburg safely along with all of my family
1771.  to hug my granny Betty
1772.  for a late night grocery trip and LAUGHter with my sister
1773.  for Colby, Braxton, and Bennett in the floor playing

December 24, 2010

1774.  to hear Braxton say Bennett over and over again
1775.  for Braxton's excitement to see Dadder (my dad)
1776.  that my parents made it home safe
1777.  for how much Sam helped with cooking, cleaning, and caring for Bennett
1778.  for cooking in the kitchen with my sister
1779.  for the blessing of gifts during a time when many have none
1780.  for deviled eggs and casseroles I only eat on holidays
1781.  for cheese bits, fried banana peppers, and a Diet Cherry Pepsi from Dairy Cheer (yesterday)

December 25, 2010

1782.  for snow covered mountains
1783.  for a white Christmas

1784.  for watching my dad play with his grandsons
1785.  for all of the gifts received 
1786.  for my sweet granny Hester
1787.  for a house filled with children (8 great grandchildren, 12 grandchildren with spouses, our parents, granny, and David)
1788.  for granny's punch and 7 layer salad
1789.  for granny's Christmas tree and all of the handmade ornaments
1790.  to see and spend some time with my cousins
1791.  that God sent Jesus to live a human life
1792.  that on this day I rejoice that The Lord has come
1793.  for the Christmas story
1794.  for salvation through Jesus Christ

December 26, 2010

1795.  for continuous fresh snow fall
1796.  for pumpkin pancakes and eggs with my sister's family
1797.  that two more of B's teeth finally popped through
1798.  for playing in the snow with my family
1799.  for smiling faces while sledding 

Brax looks so much like my sister here that it kind of freaks me out.

1800.  for watching my dad and Sam make pulled candy
1801.  to have finally met Trevor's fiance' Kayla
1802.  to spend time with the Compton family

1803.  for the Compton's interaction with Bennett

1804.  for the precious gifts they gave us
December 27, 2010

1805.  that Sam was able to get most things packed in our car
1806.  that Ben took time to come meet us for lunch
1807.  for a tasty lunch at B-n-T's
1808.  for a safe trip to Nashville

December 28, 2010

1809.  that Sam let me sleep in
1810.  for a nice morning walking around the factory

1811.  for watching Braxton run and have fun
1812.  that Bennett took a long nap
1813.  for chatting with my sister while sitting on the bed all cozy under the covers
1814.  for Sam's continual help and motivation
1815.  for a run in the crisp, cold air

December 29, 2010

1816.  for the wonder in Brax's eyes while exploring Grand Ole Opry Hotel

1817.  for the beautiful gardens at Grand Ole Opry Hotel

1818,  for the life sized nativity we saw
1819.  for a much needed nap
1820.  for dinner at Cajun Steamer

December 30, 2010

1821.  for words that pierce you and hurt your feelings, but force you to examine yourself promoting change
1822.  for inner dialogue with the Lord
1823.  for yummy Mexican food with my family and my sister's family
1824.  to visit with Sarah Coats (it was too short)
B was not happy about another photo
December 31, 2010

1825.  that my sister was off work today
1826.  to watch Braxton try to include Bennett while playing
1827.  that the Collier's and the Lowen's joined us for a New Year celebration

1828.  that mom came down to spend time with the boys

1829.  that sis and Chris hosted our friends

January 1, 2011

1830.  for conversation around the breakfast table
1831.  for fitting more in our car than we thought possible
1832.  for all of the change 2010 brought
1833.  for a safe trip to Macon
1834.  for sis and Chris watching B while we packed 

January 2, 2011

1835.  for an early morning start home
1836.  that B slept for 1.5 hours in the car
1837.  for the success of Top 10 of '10 on my blog and all of the ladies who hosted
1838.  for a safe trip home
1839.  to sleep in my own bed  


Meghan said...

Hey there! I just found your blog through A Holy Experience and I'm so glad I did. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!

Do you live in Nashville? I do!


Kay K said...

I love your blessings and seeing Pictures of Ky and Betty she is such a beautiful lady inside and out.
The Snow you so wanted =GOD is awesome to give you a white CHRISTmas ...
1800. they maded pulled candy !that is hard to make
I know you had a great time being with your family and friends
We have many blessings for this past year!!
Many blessings for 2011

Kindra said...

It sounds like ya'll had such a memorable trip! And what a blessing to have a white Christmas!!! I love all of the snow pics (the one of the tree is awesome!)and Bennett looks like he had so much fun playing in it! I'm glad you're back - I missed you :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos. A lot to be thankful for!