Monday, September 13, 2010

Multitude Monday XVII

I am thankful:

September 5, 2010

1151.  for a dinner table set and ready for breakfast with friends

1152.  for hugs and hellos at the door of our home
1153.  for LAUGHter with friends.  I am always thankful for the gift of LAUGHter

1154.  that Sam did so much preparation for our breakfast
1155.  for fresh ideas
1156.  for questions coming from a friend
1157.  for fresh pico de gallo
1158.  for opportunities
1159.  for a happy, fun, little boy whose sleep is slowly improving
1160.  for Sam's break from labor

September 6, 2010

1161.  that each day I am thinking about and looking for things for which I am thankful
1162.  that today I got a library card
1163.  for public libraries.  They are a wonderful community resource that I don't use nearly enough.
1164.  for the elderly man walking out of the library with his cane, swollen knees, and frail frame.  You're never too old to learn.
1165.  for being able to stay home with my son
1166.  that Bennett tried and liked Pears
1167.  for people of all ages reading
1168.  for a relaxing day
1169.  for Braxton's sweet voice in the background saying, "Pookie" while I talked to my sister
1170.  that we received Braxton's "hand me down" clothes and toys in the mail today.  THANKS MOM for mailing them to us!!

September 7,  2010

1171.  that God is teaching and training me every day
1172.  for Bennett jumping in his jump-a-roo on the porch while I fertilized our flowers

1173.  for time at the park with Natasha and Noah
1174.  for an open, honest heart
1175.  to have watched Natasha ride her bike down the street with Noah in a seat on the front
1176.  for reading about photography
1177.  for buying Bennett a high chair
1178.  that my husband is not a picky eater
1179.  that Sarah and Helen are doing so well with The Little Butterfly Bowtique
                (Enter the GIVE AWAY here)
1180.  for all of the wonderful memories I have of the University of Kentucky.  I was reading the Alumni magazine tonight.  It makes me smile!!

September 8, 2010

1181.  for kissing my little boys forehead
1182.  that Bennett played and ate in his new high chair without crying

1183.  for fried dill pickles (too bad they are so UNhealthy)!
1184.  for todays multiple phone conversations
1185.  for reflecting on what God taught me through reading Classic Christianity.  It was a good refresher.
1186.  for the funny photo posts on Pioneer Woman
1187.  for this journal that reminds me of Hannah.  She bought it for me for Christmas.
1188.  for lying here with a clear mind
1189.  for Sam popping my back
1190.  for fun magazines to read

September 10, 2010

1191.  for Bennett's long nap today
1192.  that God loves me no matter what I do or don't do
1193.  that Sam knows when I am stressed, so he does things to make me LAUGH
1194.  for two baby boys sleeping while we walk (we babysat Anlon tonight)
1195.  for the chocolate cake the Shah's brought us from Fleming's
1196.  that I finally got the Pumpkin Spice Latte I've been jonesing for
1197.  that God accepts my worship
1198.  for the beautiful, full, pink hibiscus bushes we saw while walking
1199.  that I spotted a great place to take some photos
1200.  for all of the reading I got to do today

September 11, 2010

1201.  for a dining room full of wisdom
1202.  for a smooth day at work
1203.  that Bennett and Sam got to spend the day together

1204.  for the joy that comes across faces when speaking about babies
1205.  for sitting at a bay window looking out onto Tampa Bay while a patient performed her exercises
1206.  for making us some extra money today
1207.  for kissing Bennett and Sam at the end of the day
1208.  that UK football is 2-0 for the 2010 season
1209.  that Bennett tried and like carrots
1210.  for candy corn with peanuts

September 12, 2010

1211.  that sometimes it is okay to be mad if you don't let it linger for to long
1212.  that sometimes if you cry you feel better
1213.  for time to process
1214.  for reconciliation
1215.  for pondering my hearts desires
1216.  that I finally got chalk board paint
1217.  for another Sunday of solid Biblical teaching
1218.  for Publix Wildberry Crumb Cake yogurt
1219.  that Bennett can put his paci in his mouth so easily now
1220.  for dimples


Carolina said...

The pictures you took turned out great! Thank you for having us over, we enjoyed the company and yummy breakfast.

And by the way I LOVE Natasha's bike, her cycling around with Noah is priceless. I think I might ask for one for Christmas.

Hope your first day at work went well!

Kay K said...

The Blessings just keep coming isnt it great !!!!! I too look for each day to find more and more
Love your house with the big porch and flowers !!!!
Great Pictures

Kindra said...

I've been meaning to tell you how beautiful your yard is looking! I'm so thankful that I can call you neighbor as well as friend and that we get to enjoy fun breakfasts together. And thanks again for watching Anlon while we had a date night! He loves his Aunt and Uncle Samber.

Sandy said...

1183: Really?! 1189: popped like back in place or like pimples? 1196: I feel the same way about them....I'm making myself wait till it gets a little cooler