Friday, September 3, 2010

Journey of Faith Friday: "Phobic"


Ministry of Music

I was a sophomore at the University of Kentucky.  I had moved into the dorms for the Spring semester with much hesitation.  At this point I lived most of my life on the fence.  One weekend I was volunteering with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the next weekend I was drinking with my high school friends.  Most parts of me wanted to give up the partying, but I didn't want to give up my friends.  However, I found myself becoming more and more distant from my childhood friends as my lifestyle began to change.  As the semester progressed God began placing new friends in my path that would encourage me in my walk with Jesus.  He was not only placing Christian friends in my path, but He was filling every area of my life with more of Himself.

I love music!  I have always loved music!  God began using music during some lonely days in my dorm room to encourage me and show me more of Himself.  One of the songs God used to encourage me to keep pressing on was "Phobic" by Plumb.  I remember sitting on my bed crying one evening after I had made some poor POOR decisions.  These words washed over me:

I watched you sit alone
I watched you cry your eyes out
Now tell me what you've done

Is it so bad that 
I would shut you out
And leave you here alone

Yes, I saw what you did
I was right there with you
I won't let you sink
No, I forgive you

Don't be
Grace needs a little more freedom
Don't be
Love needs room to breathe

Phobic was more than a song.  It became a place where I met God.   A place where I crawled up in His lap and asked Him to give me another chance.  During those days I had "BIG mess ups" on a regular basis.  Those "BIG mess ups" made me crave Him; His grace; His love.  I would cry, and sing, and pray. The "BIG mess ups" became less, but my need for Him became more.  I still listen to Phobic.  I still need His forgiveness.  I still need His love.  I still need to crawl up in His lap, and cry, and sing, and pray.

Music has been an encouragement to me throughout many seasons of life, so we will likely re-visit this topic.  How has a specific song impacted your faith journey?  How did God use the lyrics of a song to speak directly to your heart when you most needed it.

Would you prayerfully consider sharing it with us today?

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Next Friday:  Let's continue with our focus on the arts.  Next week would you consider sharing words from a book (not the Bible, we'll write about Scripture in two weeks) and how they have influenced your faith journey?
Have a blessed day in the Lord Jesus!!

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Carolina said...

What a beautiful song, thanks for sharing! I won't have time today to work on my journey of faith friday, but I will post it over the weekend. see you tomorrow!

Sandy said...

"...was more than a song. It became a place where I met God." How well said. And how true--of so many, many songs in my life.

Thank you, Amber- for another good story, for other good music that you have introduced to me (Katy Kinard), and for the structure and invitation to write.

Lela said...

What a wonderful thought!
PS - love the new blog look! So you!

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

not a chore !
happy to share at either

glad you asked ;)

Kindra said...

This is a beautiful song - and your words are too. This is a great discussion - so glad for Journey of Faith Fridays!

Anonymous said...

This was a great topic idea, Amber. These are great lyrics... I don't know Plumb very well. You've mentioned them a few times. I will have to check them out more. Thanks for sharing!