Monday, September 6, 2010

Multitude Monday XVI-Happy Labor Day

I am thankful:

August 30, 2010

1081.  for hair blowing in the wind
1082.  for chubby cheeks and thighs on my little guy
1083.  for the purple flowers in my yard
1084.  for signs of fall
1085.  for the cute bib and jacket David and Sandy bought Bennett in Alaska
1086.  that my husband is a patient teacher.  He has helped me sooooooo much with my blog.
1087.  for OREO pudding

1088.  for homemade Greek salad
1089.  for Bennett's sweet demeanor when going down for naps today

1090.  for being able to LAUGH at myself (in regards to my struggle with Photoshop Elements)

August 31, 2010

1091.  that Bennett rode in the stroller for 21 minutes before starting to cry (yes, I'm timing)!
1092.  that I was able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful morning
1093.  for sidewalks

1094.  for children playing on the play ground
1095.  for nice gestures
1096.  for Kindra and the cupcake she brought me
1097.  for baking homemade chocolate chip cookies
1098.  for Kristen Harding bringing me Fletcher's left over baby food
1099.  for great discussion with our small group regarding truth
1100.  for being challenged to think

September 1, 2010

1101.  for the beautiful weather
1102.  for a baby boy falling asleep in his car seat
1103.  for the help Google and YouTube provide 
1104.  for preparing notes and pictures to send in the mail to family and friends
1105.  for watching people do what they love
1106.  for walking beside Sam and Bennett while they LAUGH in the cool evening breeze
1107.  for eating CaliYogurt for the first time.  YUM! YUM!

1108.  that Kindra started her blog
1109.  for a family of 3 eating sweet potatoes for dinner
1110.  that Bennett likes peas!!  YUCK!

September 2, 2010

1111.  for boys playing in my house

1112.  for moms running around 
1113.  for broken conversation as we care for our little ones
1114.  for lunch with friends (Chrissy, Natasha, Kindra, and Bethany)
1115.  for Roman dancing
1116.  for restaurants with outdoor seating, so we can enjoy the weather
1117.  for holding hands as we walk
1118.  that Bennett stayed awake while we walked to and from dinner
1119.  for macaroni and cheese
1120.  that God makes things grow

September 3, 2010

1121.  for a little boys head on my shoulder
1122.  that Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte is back.  I want one.
1123.  for sunshine on my face
1124.  for one last Friday afternoon with Sam home until summer work hours return next year
1125.  for listening to one of my favorite songs and remembering seasons of life when God taught me new lessons (Phobic)
1126.  for time spent with Heather and Kindra having great  "girl" converstaion
1127.  for exciting news
1128.  for overwhelming joy
1129.  for a daddy holding his baby at the table across from ours
1130.  for chips and salsa

September 4, 2010

1131. for Sam's excitement about the century ride he is training for
1132.  for our walk to and from the park
1133.  that God never lets go
1134.  for the video we captured of Bennett laughing so hard while playing with Sam
1135.  that Bennett is beginning to jump in his jump-a-roo
1136.  for Carolina and Steve having us over for dinner

1137.  for sitting on the floor talking while kids play
1138.  for peek-a-boo
1139.  for friends wanting to hold Bennett
1140.  for being able to easily share videos with family and friends via the internet

September 5, 2010

1141.  for crying tears of frustration then tears of awe
1142.  for solid teaching from Pastor Craig on 1 Tim 2: 8-15
1143.  for Chipotle
1144.  for the nursery volunteer who didn't want to give Bennett up because he had been so sweet and fun
1145.  for a God who inhabits our praise
1146.  for the peanut butter ice cream cake my mother-in-law made me. (It was a late birthday celebration, as my in-laws have been out of town)

1147.  for an enjoyable evening at my in-laws

1148.  for unexpected blessings
1149.  for how well Isaac signs
1150.  that everyone has enjoyed the pictures I sent to them


Kay K said...

1145. says it all GOD wants us to praise him !!!

Carolina said...

It was great to have you guys over and thanks for the yummy guacamole dip! Love reading your weekly multitude Mondays... so much to be thankful for!

Kindra said...

Well, I'm only 4 days late reading this! Always wonderful :)