Thursday, August 19, 2010

Words by Patricia H. Sprinkle...

I wanted to share this short letter written by Patricia H. Sprinkle to her child.  

A Gift From God:  Meditations for New Mothers

     "How delighted you are with yourself!  Having mastered a chair, you now want to scale the table.  Every day you have to explore each piece of furniture to see what new abilities you have acquired since yesterday.  And you are having such fun.

     When did I lose that self-delight?  What happened to my awareness that every day I can do some things I have never been able to do before?  What made me content to stop trying out yesterday's impossibilities to see if they could be done today?

     Does being grown up mean being content with 'what is' when we could be striving for 'what could be'?  Inspire me, Child, to stretch my world as you stretch yours."

Oh, the things we can learn from our children.  Bennett is a mere 4 1/2 months old and I have already learned so much.......much about myself and even more about God. 

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