Friday, July 2, 2010





It all started last Saturday when Bennett was sitting in his bouncy seat.  It was a normal morning.  He had eaten.  We were eating.  He was grunting.  Grunting to poop, that is.  He's like a little old man.  He poops about the same time every morning and he likes doing it when he sits in his bouncy seat.  He gets a very serious look on his face, then grunts, then farts, then grunts, then farts and poops.  Then we change him when it's all finished.  Nothing new, I know.  My story is like every other parent, but it's still funny no matter how many times you hear it.

He had a blow out!!!!!!  All over the bouncy seat.

He did it again on Sunday

and Monday

and Tuesday.

(this is small in comparison to Saturday's event)

He has had a blow out every day this week, sometimes twice.

Yesterday, I laid him down for a nap and he woke up soon after.  I tried to get him to go back to sleep, but he was screaming his head off.  I picked him up to pat him and much to my surprise I smelled poop!!

Another BLOW OUT, but this one came out the front.

What?  The front?

I changed and cleaned him and then we went downstairs, so that I could once again
"SHOUT out" his poop-ie clothes.

A couple of minutes later I thought I still smell poop.
Am I crazy?
(don't answer that)

I look down and much to my surprise 


I changed shirts, SHOUTED again, then it was back upstairs for nap time.

Oh no, it's baacccckkkkk!  The smell.

After changing the crib sheet and struggling to get Bennett down for a nap the smell was gone.

All of that to say, I should own stock in SHOUT 

and it's time to



katy said...

Oh, they all have those days, but they sure do make you want to go crazy! :) I remember Kendra's largest blowout was right as we were about to leave for Mike to run the 10k in Louisville. I had to let him go on ahead so he would be on time for the race while I cleaned up our "situation". Then Kendra and I went on our own and met him at the finish. It was a little stressful, but that's just how it goes! I hear it happens more when breastfeeding than formula feeding, so we got the lighter end of it all!

Amanda said...

Aggh! They are so messy at that age. It can drive you crazy sometimes with all the poop and spit-up and laundry. We own stock in Oxy-clean spray at our house. I get so proud of myself when I clean up something and it doesn't stain and I think for sure it was ruined! haha! Just the other day, I was putting away some burp cloths and we had stacks and stacks of them. Jeremy and I realized that we hardly ever use them now. Emily hasn't spit up on my shoulder in ages. FINALLY!

Us said...

It took me forever to realize it was time to go up a diaper size. Good luck with the mess! I don't look forward to that part again.