Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bennett + Nephews/Neice = JOY!!

My nephew Braxton (my sister's son) is still a little too young to want to hang out with Bennett, but on vacation there were a few times when he wanted to see the baby.

Any time Bennett was in the room he would say, "Baby" over and over again.  However, if his mommy or daddy tried to hold baby Bennett he was in tears.  Thankfully, he let mommy hold Bennett a few times, as he tried to give him kisses.

My nephews Isaac, Eli and niece Prema are all about baby Bennett.  Eli is at the age where he is really intrigued with baby Bennett.  Initially, he wanted to touch him all over.  He would ask to touch his feet, his legs, his hands, his hair, and his face.  Now he wants to hold him.  Each time he visits he asks to hold him.  It's quiet sweet!!  

I look forward to the many memories that we will make with Braxton, Isaac, Eli, and Prema!!  What a joy it is to see them interact with our little man, already!!!


Stephanie said...

how fun to have cousing! he will have a blast with them growing up =)

Brittany said...

Great Pictures! (as usual:) This was really sweet!

Sarah Coats said...

Sweet pictures!!!