Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A few words from Bennett

Yesterday I was 3 months old.  It's tough being 3 months old.  I can't really tell mom and dad what I want, so I cry a lot.  I also have a hard time sleeping for more than 2 hours, so I wake up and cry so that someone will run into my room and put my pacifier in, that helps me go back to sleep......sometimes.  If not, I can keep crying and someone will eventually pick me up and pat me a few times and that almost always works.  I also get hungry a few times at night, but mom has that figured out.  I think she is trying to break me of eating at night, but I'm not really into that idea.  I mean she has starting giving this thing during the day that is kind of like her nipple, but not really.  I don't mind the change as long as I get food.  Honestly, I have the best of both worlds.  Sometimes I nurse on mom and sometimes I use that other thing, I think mom and dad call it a bottle.  They think they'll break me of the night waking, but I'm not so sure.  I keep trying to tell them that I hate the car seat and the stroller, but for some reason they keep putting me in it.  However, they kept putting me in the swing and I did finally give in.  I don't cry in the swing anymore, only when I am tired.  Then it doesn't matter where I am I cry.  Maybe, one day I will stop crying in my car seat and in the stroller.  I guess mom and dad would appreciate that.  Plus, their pretty good to me, so I should start being more compliant......some day..........when I feel like it.........we'll see.......

In other news, I have started using my hands a lot.  I am still not 100 % sure what I am supposed to do with them, but mom and dad put some cool toys in my hands and I like them.  Besides mom and dad, I have three best friends, Mr. Peacock, Red, and Geo.  Don't tell Mr. Peacock, but I like Red and Geo better.  They seem to be more cooperative when I put them in my mouth.  Oh yes, that is something else, I find my mouth so interesting.  I try to put everything I hold in my mouth.  If I am not holding anything then I will put my hands in my mouth and slobber everywhere.  Mom and dad are constantly changing my clothes and that thing they put around my neck, I believe it's called a bib, because I slobber all over them.

I have excellent head control now.  If you're wondering how I know it's because mom and dad have been sitting me in the blue Bumbo chair and I can hold my head up all by myself.  I have noticed they laugh at me a lot when I sit in the blue chair.  Hmmmmmmmm.......wonder why?

I can roll over from my stomach to my back, but lately I refuse to do it unless I am waking up from my nap.  Did I mention I wake up early from my naps............a lot?  I think it frustrates mom, because I get really grouchy if I wake up early from my nap.  Mom tries to put me back to sleep, but sometimes I prefer crying over sleeping.

The other night I heard dad making this funny noise and I decided to mimic him.  I overheard dad tell mom that I had laughed for the first time.  They were really excited.  I guess I should keep laughing.  I do enjoy the reaction I get from mom and dad when I smile, gooooo, coooo, laugh, play with my toys, eat well, and sleep well.

I also overheard mom saying I was reaching all of the milestones for a 13 week old.  I don't really know what that means, but I just assume it means I am AWESOME.  I don't know much, but I do know that I am AWESOME and loved.  Mom and dad told me so.

One last thing-----I love bath time!!  Well, I love bath time unless mom is washing my hair.  Seriously, how many 3 month olds do you know with this much hair.  Oh well, they say it really adds to my cuteness factor, so I'll keep it, except the portion I rub off while shaking my head back and forth in a crazy manner while trying to go to sleep at night.




katy said...

Cute! Sorry to hear that he doesn't like his carseat. My same friend who did the rice cereal in the bottles switched her girls to the convertible car seat when they were 4 months old because they did better sitting up as opposed to laying back. That is a bummer, I can see how that would get really frustrating. That is one thing that we could count on with k, her carseat always put her to sleep. They are all different, this one may hate the carseat too!


cute! I smiled reading this post. He is certainly cute. He will settle into his own schedule eventually. You guys are doing a great job of being flexible and giving him what he needs.

Mama Smors said...

loved this post... to cute!! can you imagine all that newborns are thinking as their world changes daily while we try to "figure it all out"??? you did a great job capturing bennett's thoughts. i hope that the addition to the day time bottle will help night time sleep. i SO know the carseat and stroller thing.... ivy still HATES both! she begs to get out driving 10 minutes-- and she has been doing this for a long time knowing good and well that it has NEVER worked!
bennett is so stinking cute and i still can't believe he has all that hair!
good luck with the night times and try to get some sleep! :)

Sandy said...

This is great that you're getting all these specifics recorded, Amber...when your daughter-in-law is asking you "Bennett history" questions to help her figure out her own children, you'll be able to give a much better answer than "I can't remember".

You two are doing a great job loving and caring for Bennett, and sharing all the wonderful photos with us is a gift of pure joy. I started to tell you which couple were my favorites, then kept thinking "and this one and this one and this one..." :-)

Sarah Coats said...

I love your blog. I can definitely relate to you in so many ways. Bennett is so cute, and I hope to meet him soon! I know you are a great mom!!!
Miss you,

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness. You are so funny! (Umm, I mean Bennett is so funny?) I laughed out loud several times only because I've been there. Emily loved bath time, too except for the whole hair washing thing. She's fine with it now, good thing. Girl has a lot of hair! Glad he is taking to the swing.

Maureen said...

Amber: How time flies! It is the best and happiest news that you are a Mom.I am so happy to be a grandma!
Baby George is my grandson who is 17 months old. Paul and I love this grandparenting deal. Love, Maureen
P.S. I had a non-sleeper...you'll make it!