Monday, April 19, 2010

Ruby Tuesday and Mr. Shark

Sam, Bennett, and I went to Target and Ruby Tuesday's on Saturday night. Bennett did very well, so this is not a dramatic post regarding the new addition to our life. Instead it is a quick story about this man (who will be referred to as Mr. Shark from this point forward-check out his shirt if you're trying to figure out the name).
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(sorry about the poor picture quality. It was dark and taken with Sam's iPhone.)

I went to the salad bar first while Sam sat with Bennett, unfortunately Mr. Shark made it to the salad bar slightly before Sam. Why was this unfortunate you may ask? The dude, I mean Mr. Shark took forever. I had eaten half of my salad before Sam made it back to the table. Sam's first words were, "Dude in front of me was in no hurry." I, of course, bust out laughing because I have been watching Mr. Shark mosey down the salad bar, only to leave once, then return just in time to jump back in front of Sam stalling him again.

Mr. Shark returned to the salad bar two times, while we were there, filling two plates (we were quite impressed). On his third trip, he spent the majority of his time at the end of the salad bar where the dressings are located. Upon returning to his table we learned, via eavesdropping, he was excited over the croutons. So excited, he placed one on his wife's plate and said, "They have new croutons (picture wide eyed excited expression)!! You have to try one." I think wife liked them, but to a much lesser degree. Mr. Shark continued to pick up one crouton at a time partaking of them as if they were a delicacy, before eating his third plate of salad.

We ate, we laughed (a lot), Bennett slept, Mr. Shark ate salad (and croutons), we paid our bill, we left, and maybe Mr. Shark kept eating salad.


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