Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Back!!!

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally wear my engagement ring and wedding band again!!!!!!!!! I stopped wearing it in January secondary to the swelling I had incurred as a result of pregnancy. Several of my friends said it took 3 to 5 months post partum before they were able to wear their rings again. Thankfully, 3 1/2 weeks after little Bennett's birth, I am proudly wearing my rings again. They are a little tight, but who cares, I am just glad to be wearing them again. Just in time for our two year anniversary coming up on May 3rd.

However, I hope to get them off at least once in the next few days, as they are in desperate need of a cleaning.

Now to leave you with this peaceful little punk-a-poo!!

He is doing very well. We are experiencing the occasional bouts of crying for no reason, but when he ends up looking like this .........who cares!! Isn't he adorable???

And now, mom is off for a short nap!


Us said...

Ummm...where are your clothes Mr. and Mrs. Cullum? Sam looks especially bare. I'm just saying...


And Bennett really is too cute. I'm still jealous of that hair!

katy said...

Sam never wears a shirt. At least that's what all of his pictures seem to scream. :) That's okay because Mike never wears pants (just ask Sam about it. TMI? At least he still wears his underwear. :)

Congratulations on your rings again! It's very exciting!