Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Levi: Months 0-3

We've made it to the 3 month mark!  Honestly, it is still very tough around here as we're trying to figure our what is causing Levi's stomach issues, but never the less we've made it.  

Month one was filled with lots of snuggles.  Levi slept on me a lot, nursed frequently, pooped every few minutes :) and had a lot of visitors.

He latched easily and gained weight his first month.  I was thankful that I did not have to begin supplementing during his first month.  I mostly nursed him in side lying which allowed me to rest more.  He loved to fall asleep on my chest and would rest well there for a few hours.  He nursed every 2-3 hours throughout the day and night.

Both Bennett and Zoe loved to hold him the first month and typically he tolerated it well.  Zoe became sick a few weeks after Levi was born.  Despite encouraging her to keep her hands and mouth out of his face we were unsuccessful and he developed a cold.  He was very congested, but never developed a fever.  It ran it's course after 3 weeks.

At his 2 week check up he weighed 9.5 pounds and was 22.25 inches long (which was 93% for height).

The original plan was to travel to Nashville for Thanksgiving, but Levi hated the carseat just like his big brother.  After listening to him scream every time we got in the car we decided to stay in Tampa for the holidays.  I was bummed since I hadn't seen my sister since July, but it was the best decision.

Month two was a little crazier than the first and to be honest I didn't write anything down, so it is hard to remember the details.

We didn't get a lot of sleep.  He began to struggle with breastfeeding, so I began supplementing 1 ounce when he came off the breast unsatisfied.  He continued to dislike the car seat and the bouncy seat.  He was easily over stimulated, which was a challenge, since Zoe became a little more rough with him.

He started to smile and make strong eye contact.  He began to recognize and respond to my voice.  I just love the way his eyes light up when he hears and sees me.

He enjoyed bath time, but only got bathed about one time per week.

He wore size 1 diapers and 3 month or 3-6 month clothing.  He weighed 13 pounds (74% for age) and was 24.88 inches long (95% for age).

Month three has been very challenging.  Levi began coming off the breast screaming and often refusing to latch at all.  He has been extremely gassy.  I finally eliminated dairy from my diet, switched our supplemental formula to Nutramigen, and took him to the pediatrician who started him on reflux medicine.  We haven't seen a huge difference yet, but he is feeding a little better.  He feeds every 3 hours including night time :(  He has had a few 4 hour stretches, but none that have proved consistent.

He goes to bed between 6:45-7 p.m. and wakes to eat at 8 p.m., 11 p.m., 1-2 a.m., and 4-5 a.m.  His day typically begins between 7-7:30 a.m.  He has struggled to settle into much of a routine which I contribute to our day to day changes with drop off, pick up, playdates, etc.  I tried for 2 weeks to get him on a schedule to help him nap better, but it was incredibly stressful.  Then, I realized (with the help of some friends) that he may have a milk protein allergy and definitely has reflux.  He typically naps 3-4 times per day, but still does not have 1 consistent long nap.  He typically wakes up after 30-40 minutes, but I try to leave him in his crib for 1-1.5 hours to encourage sleep.  Sometimes I go in and give him his pacifier and pat his bottom to help him go back to sleep and sometimes he fusses. Thankfully, he will fall asleep in the Bjorn and the Ergo, which once again have been life savers.

He continues to hate the carseat.  He screams from the time you buckle him in till the time you take him out.  We have had a few times where he has been calm during the last few weeks, so I am still hopeful that he will eventually settle down.  He won't ride in the stroller either, so he spends a lot of time in the carrier.

He hasn't connected with a specific toy, but he does enjoy laying on his play mat and will now sit in his bouncy seat.  Zoe has become much more gentle with him, so he enjoys when she sits/lays and talks to him.  She loves to hug and kiss him and cover him with blankets.  He loves it when Bennett looks at him and makes funny noises and hums the Stars Wars theme song.  He almost always smiles at him.  They both help put his boppy (pacifier) in when he is crying.

He smiles and coos a little.  He does try to mimic our mouth when we talk to him.  He has laughed a few times, but no one thing consistently triggers it.

He can push up on his elbows and raise his head 90 degrees when on his stomach.   He has discovered his hands often staring at his fits and attempting to chew on them.

He wears a size 2 diapers and 3-6 month or 6 month clothing.  He is definitely a 3rd child, because he lives in sleepers.  I changed both Bennett and Zoe into an outfit every day.  Levi has maybe worn 6 outfits since birth.


You are our third and final child unless God has other plans.  It has been a challenging few months at home as we have worked to adjust to our new family of 5, but I love you dearly.  I cherish your smiles and your coos.  I enjoy watching your sister interact with you and ask over and over to kiss and hug you first thing in the morning.  I enjoy Bennett's attempts to calm you down when you are crying.  I look forward to seeing you grow into the boy and man God has already created you to be.  I pray you develop into a man who loves Jesus with his whole heart and desires to serve Him always.  I pray you will be a man of strong character and will show compassion to those in need.  I love you and am grateful God gave you to us.


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