Monday, August 10, 2015

Kentucky 2015: Natural Bridge

Monday morning we packed up and began our 2 hour trek to Lexington.  Rain was in the forecast, but we were hoping to stop and hike to Natural Bridge.  Natural Bridge is about halfway between Prestonsburg and Lexington.  

As soon as we arrived I felt more relaxed.  It is a beautiful place and I have learned the great outdoors, the mountains specifically, bring great peace to my soul.  

We picked a short hike due to my pregnancy, Sam carrying Zoe on his back, the forecast, and Bennett walking uphill.  It was a gorgeous hike, but challenging for this pregnant momma.  The rain held off and we were able to climb to the top of the bridge.

One day everyone will look at the camera and smile, but it won't be half as entertaining, memorable or cute :)

The kids ate a snack while Sam and myself took in the beauty.  It wasn't long before the thunder began along with a few raindrops.  We packed up and began the hike back down.  It was raining, but not hard enough to soak us through the heavy tree cover.  I am so grateful for our time at Natural Bridge.  It was beautiful, refreshing, and relaxing.

I had to include 3 photos of this girl loving on her daddy.  She seriously gives the best hugs.  She squeezes and smiles and often squeezes a little harder.  It is even better when she gives eskimo kisses too :) It helps that she loves her daddy sooooo much!

To get off the bridge you hike through Fat Man's Misery.  It is a tight squeeze.  In case you can't tell Zoe was a little nervous.

I am incredibly grateful for our morning hiking Natural Bridge.  The beauty, the memories, and the exercise was good for the soul.

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