Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kentucky 2015: Prestonsburg

We left the great Bluegrass State 6 years ago.  The first few years we traveled back at least twice per year for holidays and sadly to visit/say goodbye to my grandparents.  The last time I had been to my hometown was September 2011, so I was excited to return for a visit and a very special wedding.  

We arrived on Thursday evening, checked into our hotel, changed clothes and were off to the church I grew up attending for Julie and Teddy's wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Julie and her family are my 2nd family.  I began babysitting Julie, and her brother Trevor, soon after she learned to walk.  Her parents loved me, supported me, encouraged me like I was their own.  I have been on vacations with their family, spent weekends in their home, played lots of sports with them, cried on their shoulders, laughed hysterically, shared Jesus with them, and so much more.  After rehearsal, we had dinner at Pig in a Poke, which was a great opportunity to converse with several people I have known all of my life.  

 I love these two so very much!

Friday we drove to Pikeville to meet up with one of my best friends from college, Don Paul, and his family at a downtown park.  Sadly I did not take a photo, but it was nice to see their kids and to sit and talk for a short time.  We walked around downtown Pikeville, so Bennett could see the "Bears."  During Zoe's nap, Sam and Bennett explored Stonecrest Golf Course.

*Most of these photos are from my phone.  They are blurry and have not been edited, so sorry for the lack of clarity.

Then, we swam at the hotel, ate dinner at Lizzie B's, and ended the evening skipping rocks in the lake.  Once the kids were in bed I went to Julie's to hang out with her and her bridesmaids for a few hours.

I have a lot of memories from this very place.  It was a place of peace of quiet for me during my high school and college years.

Saturday, we were up and ready to go early.  I met Julie and the other bridesmaids at the hair salon, so we could begin preparing for the wedding.  Sam took the kids for the morning with the hopes that Zoe would take a nap before coming to the church for photos at 2:30 (thankfully it worked).  I was honored to be the Maid of Honor and Zoe was the flower girl.  The wedding was gorgeous and so was the reception.  Julie was so beautiful and she has such a wonderful time.  Zoe threw the flowers and was so cute.  She didn't stay up front with me, but overall the kids did well during the wedding.  Besides Bennett falling off the stage during my toast they did well during the reception, as well.  It was a late night, so I knew they would be tired towards the end.

Julie had the shirts made for us to wear while getting ready. 

Sadly, I did not take any photos from this point forward.  I took a few with my phone, but they are very blurry.

Julie was a beautiful bride.  The whole day was beautiful from start to finish.  I wish I would have taken some photos of the church (they were married in the church where I grew up)  and reception hall.  Kim, Terri and many others did a wonderful job decorating.  

Here is a photo of the wedding party taken by Angie Goodman Photography.  

Sunday we played at the park at Jenny Wiley Damn.  It was so relaxing and brought so many childhood memories to my mind.  After playing we headed to my grannies old house, where David lives now, and had lunch with David and my uncle Darrell.  David had made Chicken n' Dumplings, green beans, potatoes and several other delicious foods that remind me of my granny.  We were able to explore the garden and Bennett picked a few peas, which was a highlight for him.  He also told David that he shouldn't smoke...more than  It was nap time, so we went to the Compton's house to lay Zoe down for a nap while the rest of us enjoyed the pool and beautiful weather.  Bennett had so much fun swimming and I enjoyed some one on one conversation with Kim, Donald, and Mary Beth.  I can't think of a better way to end our time in Prestonsburg than dinner at Mary Beth's with people we love and that is just what we did.

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