Monday, April 22, 2013

B's 3rd Birthday Play-Date

I am playing catch up.  We decided not to have a large birthday party for Bennett's 3rd birthday after he said, "I just want to go to Grandma and Grandpa's for my birthday."  So we had a family birthday celebration (I will post those photos soon), but I also had a small play date on the Friday after his birthday.  It was a great way to keep it simple, but still celebrate Bennett with a few of his friends he spends the most time with.

If you know Bennett, you know he loves and I mean LOVES letters, so I made cupcakes and printed out these Word World characters to use as toppers.  I made a small lunch for us including chicken salad for the adults, turkey/cheese sandwiches for the kids, letter cheese-its, fruit, and letter sugar cookies.

You would never know Bradford is in the place when he comes to our house.  He loves to play with Bennett's toys and this day was no different.  He is B's best buddy.

Bennett probably plays better with Bella than anyone else (although they fight like siblings).  I think this is due to that fact that he spent many days with Bella while I worked.  Bella's mom, Rebecca, babysat him for me.

This is Bella's new baby brother, Wesley!

Anlon and Bennett have been friends since they were born.  We used to spend the majority of our time with this little guy and his parents.  B still spend a lot of time with Anlong during B.S.F., church, and Awana.  

I don't spend as much time with Austin and his momma as I would like, but Bennett sees him one to three times per week during B.S.F., church and Awana.

And then this little sweet turkey was in awe of all the little people and the action.  

I am so sad that so many of these photos are blurry.  Some days I just need to surrender and turn it on Auto and quite trying to perfect my indoor photography skills.

After lunch, we sang Happy Birthday, B blew out his candle and scarfed down his cupcake while the others took their time.  

Another thing you know if you know my son well-- HE LOVES TO EAT and he especially loves to EAT SWEETS!!

It was a wonderful time of gathering with girlfriends, but mostly hosting those sweet little's who have become my little's friends.  

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Amanda said...

Fun birthday play date! Love it. We struggle with balancing birthday fun with family AND friends. Last year we did just family and I loved the simplicity! (I was also 8 months pregnant!) Not sure what we will do for Emily's 4th. I like the idea of a birthday play date! Our house just gets too crowded and overwhelmed when we try to do one big party with family and friends (like we did for her 1st and 2nd birthdays).