Monday, March 4, 2013

Project 52: Week 8, Dadder and His Boy

8/52 February 20-26

Last week, I did not take the time to upload my photos, so week 8 never got posted.  I have plenty of photos, because my mom and dad came for a visit.  However, most of them were taken with my phone or my mom's point and shoot.  

The photo I am sharing is of my dad (aka. Dadder) and Bennett.  My parents had taken B to Toys 'R Us to buy him some earlier birthday presents.  One of his gifts was a bubble gun.  After playing with several toys and working puzzles with Dadder, B asked if he would take him outside to play with the bubble gun.  Of course, he agreed.

It was so wonderful to watch my parents interact with my kids.  My nephews are present during most of our visits which is great, but it was nice for B to have Dadder all to himself.  My dad is the best playmate.  He was when I was a kid and I think he is even better now, if that's possible.  

I am so thankful they came to spend time with us in Florida.  Hopefully, I will share photos from our trip to Disney soon.

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Sandy said...

Delightful!...capturing the bubbles from behind and below, the outstretched arms spreading and reaching for the joy, the companionship of the generations...a marvelous depiction of an almost universal American family experience.

This photo (and many of your others) would be great as a greeting card or submitted to some of the themed photography contests.

Dadder is such an apt name for your Dad :-)