Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Larry Boy Bennett

Well, it came down to Larry Boy, Handy Manny, and Super Whyatt.  B chose Larry Boy, so I ordered the costume and he looks super cute in it, but now he wants to be Handy Manny.  The good news we can dress up as Handy Manny around the house any time.  We have a tool belt, plastic tools, gloves and a hat.  

He has not been watching Veggie Tales as frequently that last few months, but I personally am glad he is dressing up as Larry Boy.  Veggie Tales was the first cartoon he really enjoyed.  He has continued to watch and listen to various Veggie Tale movies and CD's throughout his short little life.  

Larry Boy to the rescue!!!!!

He means business.

And in case you needed a little dose of our smallest pumpkin.


Branson said...

So cute! Love them all! :)

Angel said...

Super cute and Super sweet!

Tara said...

What a cutie!