Thursday, August 9, 2012

2 Years 4 Months

It is time for another update on the Beester.  He should be a big brother by the time I post another update, since we are now in the home stretch of pregnancy #2.  

He transitioned from his crib to a twin bed the end of June and has done exceptionally well.  He was really excited about the "vehicle" sheets we purchased, so he was excited about switching to a bed.  Honestly, the last few months have yielded the best stretch of sleep of B's short life.  Just when we thought he had given up his nap he began taking one again.  However, he woke up with a cold last week, so we are back to fighting sleep on every front.  

The end of June he attended Vacation Bible School at our church, because I taught a 1st grade class.  I was nervous, because he has not had the best track record when being away from family for long periods of time.  I praise God for how well he did.  He LOVED it and learned so much about Jesus.  It also re-ignited his love of Veggie Tales.

I finally cut his hair short.  He has crazy, thick hair which I know made him hot, so I finally gave in and used the clippers to cut it.  It makes him look more like a little boy and most people like it, but after a month I still miss his long hair.

He is in the middle of 5 day a week swim lessons that will last 4 to 6 weeks.  He cried every day the first week, but now he looks forward to each session.  The goal of this session is for him to be able to swim, float, swim for rescue purposes.  He is able to float on his back for 5 seconds.  He loves going under water and does well holding his breath.  He talks about his teachers, Allison and Katie, on a daily basis.

He is wearing 2 and 3 T clothes and size 9.5 shoes.  He weighs 39 pounds......I KNOW!!!  My boy LOVES to eat.  His favorite foods haven't changed, but thankfully he is eating more vegetables.  

Favorite Toys:
  • Still loves cars
  • Melissa and Doug pretend food, cookware, and plastic eggs
  • Dot paint, crayons
  • foam bath letters
Favorite Shows/Movies:
  • Veggie Tales 
  • Nemo
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • Handy Manny
  • The Letter Factory
He has a wonderful imagination.  He will line his cars up to watch a cartoon.  He will pull out a few wipes and pretend to change the cars' diaper (also applying Butt Paste).  He will lay all of his cars on their side covering them with a "lippie" for night, night.  He puts the pretend food on the high chair tray and places his dinosaurs in the high chair for lunch time.  He uses our frying pan and spatula to cook Sam and I eggs (plastic Easter eggs) for breakfast.  The list could go on and on.  

He asks a lot of questions.  We are in the phase of random pointing while asking, "What's that?" or "Who's that?"  His sentences now include  a lot of emotion.  He particularly enjoys nodding his head while telling us something.  He asks us to come play with him on a regular basis.  He is very stubborn and like most 2 year olds wants to do things his way.  We hear the word, "No," a lot; therefore, he spends a lot of time in time out.  

B loves to be the center of our attention and when he is not receiving the attention he desires that is when his behavior becomes a battle.  However, most of the time he is a pleasant little boy that doesn't like to get in trouble and gets his feelings hurt easily.  He is stubborn, but this stubborn momma can break that down fairly easy.  

He climbs up and down the stairs holding onto the handrail independently.  He continues to enjoy jumping on the trampoline.  He can complete a 2 legged jump on the ground, but still struggles to complete a 2 legged jump off of an object (ie. jumping into the pool).  He climbs in and out of the bathtub and in and out of his booster chair at the table.  

He loves to sing and we love to hear him sing.  Throughout the past few months he could be heard singing:
  • Veggie Tales theme song which sounds so cute I can hardly stand it
  • Dinosaur Train theme song
  • Dinosaur Big City (song from a Dinosaur Train episode)
  • God Made You Special (Veggie Tales song)
  • Take Me Out to the Ball game
  • Happy Birthday
I could write so much more, but I will end by saying that Bennett really is such a tender hearted, sweet kid whom I am blessed to be entrusted with.


Us said...

He's going to be a good big brother! I'll be praying the transition goes well too! I'm super impressed with the swim lessons. That is some serious commitment on your part as well!

And I really do love the short hair. I thought that to myself just before I read how you missed his long hair :)

Actuary Mom said...

wow! he looks like such a big boy!

Amanda said...

Love B's new haircut! He's adorable. That underwater photo was SWEET! He is going to LOVE his baby sister (once her realizes she's here to stay! haha!) Enjoyed reading all about B's latest and greatest.

Sandy said...

I absolutely love the new "boy" haircut even though it does make him look older....and I really like the light in this set of photos. The underwater swimming shot by Allison and Katie is GREAT....don't be surprised if they ask to use it in promotional materials...that smile ... his swimming joy comes through so clearly.

I'm glad you're doing these periodic development recaps...and you're going to be very thankful for them years from now!

David and I were talking last night how the transition to sharing the attention with baby sister will probably be a challenge for him but we will all help him and you and Sam ... we second Amanda's foresight....he is going to LOVE her ...once he realizes she's here to stay!

Unknown said...

Considering I have never actually met B it is kind of funny how these posts make me tear up, lol. I can't believe how BIG he looks in that first photo! What a handsome little man! I was just telling Matt I needed to start doing occassionaly updates again, even if I can't keep up with every month. I was reading back through old ones the other day and it is amazing how fast those memories fade when they are growing soooo fast! :)

Laura said...

I love that first picture of him. I think he looks so handsome and like Sam in it! :)