Friday, March 9, 2012

Journey of Faith Friday: God Sees the Whole Puzzle


God Sees the Whole Puzzle

I sit and watch him work a 4 piece puzzle on his own.  It's the first time he has put 3 of the 4 pieces together independently.  

I sit back watching his intense focus.  Slowly frustration ensues as he struggles to fit the 4th piece.  He walks over, hands the piece to me and says, "Help!"

I want to, but I think of the moment earlier when I watched with much excitement as he achieved a task, that he has been working on for months, for the first time.  Then, I say, "I know you can do it.  You were so close.  Place this edge on the that piece," while pointing toward the puzzle.  

He did it.  Good jobs!!!!  And high fives followed!!!!

Is that what it's like?

God, our Father, our Parent watches intently as we fit the puzzle pieces together.

Life is hard!

Sometimes we try to force the wrong pieces together, because we can't see the whole picture.

Sometimes we figure it out and the Heavens rejoice.

Sometimes God waits for us to ask for "Help" before interceding.

Sometimes we know the pieces don't fit and we just keep ignoring the reality of our need for help and/or change.

There are many applications that can be drawn from watching a child complete a task, a puzzle in this case.  I don't mean to simplify God's parental task and how He deals with our lives or to make it sound like life is a game, but think about it.........We are His children and though we are adults in this world, we all are at different places in our journey with Christ, meaning some are mere infants (1 Cor. 3: 1-5), some adolescent, some mature adults (Hebrews 6:1-12), and so on.  Just as in our physical, mental and emotional development as a human we have developmental milestones in our spiritual life.  

I think of my teenage years and how I spent so much time trying to force the wrong pieces together. Sometimes it was due to my inability to see the whole picture, but many times I ignored the reality of my need for change, my need for a Savior.

I think about my sophomore year of college when I finally said, "Yes" to God's call on my life to follow Him and the Heavens rejoiced.  

I think about the many times I have tried to make the best professional decisions, serve in every capacity available, have difficult conversations, mother my son in my own strength and how those situations compare to the times I asked God for help.  

He sees it all.

The time I said yes to Him and the pieces fit.

The time when all of the pieces were out of place and I used manipulation and control to get my way.

The time I prayed and asked for a godly husband, then waited for him and the pieces fit.

The time I said yes to my own sinful desires and gave myself to another out of wedlock and the pieces did not fit.

The time I spent studying, working, and applying myself so that I could use the resources He blessed me with and the pieces fit.

The time I pressured friends younger than me to join the world of partying and "having a good time" and the pieces did not fit.  

The times I've said I am sorry and the pieces fit.  

He sees it all and like an earthly parent (although we don't see it all), He rejoices, He disciplines, He gives high fives, He weeps, He encourages, He guides, He instructs, and He loves. 

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Most Friday's, I post about the work God is doing or has done in my life, as I journey on this road of faith.
How is God working in your life as you journey with Him?

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Sandy said...

YES! Helpful thoughts and absolutely wonderful pictures that capture so well the essence of the challenge and learning.

So many, many times my muddled thoughts during mate/peer conflicts and parenting challenges have moved toward clarity of truth and purpose, and choosing love and life by thinking about how God has "parented" me.

Kay K said...

Amber, what a beautiful post !
Wonderful how GOD uses simple things for us to understand more

mommy to many said...

so many times GOd has spoken to my heart about this very thing! Our lives are like puzzle pieces. we try so hard to make our life or the piece fit where it doesn't belong. we try so hard turning, flipping, turning again and GOd says, in a small still voice, that piece is part of the whole picture, but it doesn't fit there, it's not time for that piece yet....! wow GOd is so good to work with us and yet loves us =0) thank you for this reminder...

Alida Sharp said...

I absolutely love this post. I am so grateful that God sees the whole puzzle. There have been many things during our time here on the mission field that I have not fully understood. But, we are starting to see how God fits all of the pieces together more clearly than ever before.

joy and blessings to you,

Katharine said...

This is a beautiful, wonderfully-written post, Amber! I so relate to the analogies. The idea of God seeing the "whole picture" when things get hard, encourages my heart. I appreciate your transparency, and your willingness to share your life.

Ross said...

What a great post! I think we all need to look back and reflect on how all those puzzle pieces fit together. Are we every finished putting the pieces together? If we follow Gods direction then those pieces will fall into place in His timing!