Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1st Quarterly Top 5 Photo Linky of 2012...COME JOIN US!!

I hope all of you mothers, of furry friends and children alike, have searched through your 1st quarter photos and are ready to share them with Sarah, Ashley, and myself.  If you're not sure what I am talking about scroll down to the bottom of this post (but don't forget to check out my adorable little boy who is 2 years old today) to read all of the details and see the prizes that will be randomly given away.

I took a 4 week photography class during this quarter, so it has been harder than usual to narrow it down to five; however, here are my favorites in no particular order:

The above shot was the perfect candid shot that I submitted for our last class assignment.  My son hides in the kitchen cabinet on a regular basis.  Occasionally we will find some of his toys hiding out there too.  I just love his fingers and toes peaking out.

This is not the first time most of you have seen this photo, but it is by far my favorite of the year thus far.  If I am honest, I am not sure I will top it, so you will probably see it again and again.  B's hand on his daddy's leg melts my heart.  I love that they are both looking up at the kite.  I also love that they are both silhouettes, but the kite still has color.

I have meant to share more from this set, as they are some of my favorites.  B was playing in the water and each time he would splash, he would yell, "I Spashing."  This was taken in February, but we live in South Florida, so it is a perfect description of the year-round presence of sunshine and warmth.  

Another favorite from my class.  I love the backlighting and how the sun illuminates the water.  I also love that this is a perfect reminder of how much my son enjoys the water.  Water activities are definitely a normal part of our routine.

I couldn't leave out this dirty face!!!!  Nothing like a mis-matched, dirty boy to put a smile on your face.  And since today is his birthday I have to include one more:

Now it's your turn!!  Show off your top 5 from the 1st quarter of 2012!!!!!  I look forward to seeing them.

Be sure to visit a few other entires, espeically my co-hosts Sarah of The Naptime Momtog and Ashley of Ramblings and Photos

Here's how it works:
  • Search through the photos  from January, February, and March 2012
  • Choose 5 and post them on your blog or Flickr account now through Tuesday, April 3rd.
  • PLEASE only use photos that include your CHILDREN and/or PETS 
  • Accompany each photo with a short explanation of why you chose it
  • Link up here at Click.Pray.Love., NapTime MomTog, or Ramblings and Photos
  • Be sure to include the Quarterly Top 5 banner or button in your post.  If the banner or button is not there you will not be eligible to win.
Speaking of winning here are the prizes that will be randomly given away.

Shutter Buddy of your choice ($23 value)
I personally own the Frog and the Caterpillar (which is my favorite) and I use them on a regularly basis.  They work so well with children who you just can't seem to engage with the camera.  Be sure to click over and check out all of Leora's products.

Camera Strap from Chic Homeschool Mama ($25 value)
Be sure to check out Gina's camera straps and lens bags.  She is also offering a 15% discount code now through the Quarterly Top 5 linky.  If you see something you like, just enter top5Q1 at check out.

from Bella Pop ($60 value)
The next class begins Thursday, April 5th, the day after the winners are chosen.  You can begin that class immediately or Brandy said you could join when it is offered in May or June.  

Here is what says about the class, "With any camera… point & shoot, cell phone, DSLR… natural light can make a world of difference. This class is for beginner shooters with little or no photography experience who would like to understand the basics of natural light and how it can make or break a photograph. In just 2 weeks you’ll learn how to use natural light photography tips to take better pictures with any point and shoot camera."

Be sure to check out Bella Pop.  Brandy offers a variety of classes, tutorials, fun photos, recipes, etc. 

Remember THIS IS NOT A CONTEST.  Anyone can enter and you do not have to have the best photo to be considered for the giveaway.  

It is a random giveaway, as we want to encourage people to share their memories.  One person will be chosen for each gift.
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Give away is open to adults 18 years or older.  
I was not compensated in any way in exchange for the above products being given away.
If gift is unclaimed after 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen using


Tezzie said...

Wow...such gorgeous photos! I especially love the first 2, and the sweet one of your son standing in the little pool. SO adorable! You have a wonderful talent of capturing your kiddos in magical scenes <3

And, thanks so much for the supportive words regarding the anonymous commenter on my blog! Although comments are wonderful, some are more appreciated than others ;)

Michelle said...

These are all perfect :)
I love the silhouette and the peeking out the cupboard one!

Happy birthday to your gorgeous little man!

Gina Kleinworth said...

I absolutely adore that first one Amber. So very adorable!

Ashley Sisk said...

The other night I went back through your January 2011 photos and it is absolutely amazing how far your photos have come in the past year. I am in love with these shots and your first two are really spectacular.

Becky said...

These are all so great, really captured his little personality! I so love the first shot!

Buckeroomama said...

Such sweet, sweet pics of boy! I love the peek-a-boo shot, the water shots, but my fave is the one of your two boys in silhouette. That one is GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

These are all precious. I'm blown away by the second image! Just like you said, the silhouette with the kite in color is just wow! I love it!

Susan said...

These are all amazing, I love the light in the pool shot...and he is just SO adorable!! The kite shot is awesome...may have to attempt that this summer! Thanks for hosting :)

Rachel said...

These are so nice! The picture with Sam, B and the kite is amazing!
Here's the potty training method we used. I know everyone is different, but it worked great for us!

Kristin said...

oh my goodness these are so amazing! you captured such wonderful moments! i love them all!! just wonderful! :)

trulymegs said...

LOVE these! I really like the first one. Such a cutie!

Unknown said...

You picked all my favourites from class! :D I still totally love that kite one. I hope you've printed it big. :)

Cropped Stories said...

Fantastic pics! I am in love with the first and second one! Thanks for hosting; I linked up over at Sarah's blog.

Mary Gene Atwood said...

great shots. I'm loving that lost shot with the balloons. amazing!

Jaymi said...

I LOVE that silhouette shot so much. I love the one after of your baby splashing in the water too!

Lil Mama Stuart said...

great captures! I'll have to dig to find my top 5 as well!

Melanie said...

As I scrolled down... each shot became my favorite! You are SO talented, & wow adorable kiddos!!

Thanks for the hosting!

Anonymous said...

Amber, your photos are so beautiful. How did you pick just five?? Thank you for encouraging us to share our family and love of photography. I need to take a class now that I've invested in a real camera, but the joy of self learning has been fun.

Looking forward to seeing all the beauty of the other bloggers.

xoxo michele

Unknown said...

Such cute shots! I really love the kite flying, water splashing, and pool fun shots!!

Dominique Goh said...

Lovely pictures.. I like the water splashing and pool fun the best.

Abi said...

Your second shot renders me speechless. It's so touching and stunningly beautiful... if it were mine I would have it printed on a huge canvas, hang it in my living room and seeing it would make me smile every single day :)

Sarah said...

What an amazing set of photos! That cupboard shot, the kite, the balloons. . . Love them all!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these so much!!! Great chooses. I love that first one and that last one.

deb duty said...

So many great shots of your sweet boy! I love the one with the balloons and the first one is stunning!

Staci said...

ohhhh my goodness, the silhouette with the kite--gorgeous!!!

Mimi said...

Great photos! I love him peeking through the cabinets and the silhouettes are absolutely stunning and playing in the outdoor pool...adorable and i love the lighting too.

Thanks for hosting the quarterly top 5!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! I thin the " kid in the cabinet" shot is priceless. I just love unique moments like those.

Andrea said...

LOVE the baby splashing in the water. They are all great but that is my fav. :)

Andrea said...

LOVE the baby splashing in the water. They are all great but that is my fav. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for cohosting the link up! And happy belated birthday to your boy. :)

Serendipityissweet said...

Hi Amber,

I was in your shooting 201 course as a study a long. I loved your images then and still do. That kite shot is phenomenal, but they are all beautiful! Lovely work!!!

Unknown said...

Amazing photos! Love the 1st the most! That dirty face is very close though!

Sara said...

Oh Amber, these are just amazing! I just adore the first one, those tiny fingers and toes are just so adorable! Wow, wow, wow, I LOVE the one of your husband and son flying a kite, it's fabulous and so touching!