Monday, December 12, 2011

Multitude Monday 77

I am thankful:

December 5, 2011

3152.  for a wonderful quiet time this morning
3153.  for God's promise to give strength to the weary
3154.  for a precious new niece, that I was finally able to meet today

3155.  for boys playing in the backyard

3156.  for my father in law's look of joy to see his grandchildren
3157.  that I am motivated to make change as a result of B's continual nap strike
3158.  that B went to sleep without crying tonight
3159.  for my husband praying over me

December 6, 2011

3160.  for proclaiming God's promises
3161.  for time working out this morning and feeling encouraged by B's time in the nursery
3162.  for pretend play with my boy
Lots of iPhone photos, so they are very grainy

3163.  for talking with my mom and dad today
3164.  for being present during many of today's activities

December 7, 2011

3165.  for the way God uses Heather and Jackie to soothe the babies at B.S.F.
3166.  for B's sweet, calm spirit during the B.S.F. opening
3167.  the blessing of having Sam home to play with us today
3168.  for the much needed rain

December 8, 2011

3169.  for warm jackets
3170.  for a sweet voice saying, "Mor cummers" and "peeza" for more cucumbers and pizza

3171.  to see my son understand the difference between a soup spoon and a serving spoon and where each is stored
3172.  for the opportunities offered at the gym
3173.  for wonderful childhood memories that come to mind when thinking about the snow
3174.  for the sense of humor of others that causes me to LAUGH
3175.  for Sam putting up the Christmas lights
3176.  for easy access to children's activity ideas through the internet

December 9, 2011

3177.  for conversation with fellow believers
3178.  for Lisa's encouraging words regarding my faith
3179.  for a restful afternoon
3180.  for 4 grandchildren listening/watching Grandma read a story

December 10, 2011

3181.  for how much fun B had playing outside this morning

3182.  for an enjoyable evening eating, chatting, and LAUGHing with Sam's co-workers

December 11, 2011

3183.  for the character, hard work, and faith of Tim Tebow
3184.  that B and I had a fun morning playing at home since he is sick

3185.  for the blessing Financial Peace University has been in our lives the last 13 weeks
3186.  to hear B and Sam LAUGHing while playing chase in the house


Sandy said...

What a wonderful way to start the week...focusing on the blessings and goodness of God. Thank you, Amber

Anonymous said...

Love this post and gorgeous shots. Your niece is precious!

Anonymous said...

such a sweet family...beautiful shot of your niece...

Anonymous said...

such a wonderful post.. Congrats on your new niece auntie :D

Lovely pictures

Carolina said...

Love your list as always. Your niece is so incredibly precious! And I'm sorry to hear Bennett was sick again this weekend, its just plain tough when they are sick.

By the way cucumbers and pizza is a very interesting combination! :)

Amy Sullivan said...

If I could reach through the screen and snuggle that sweet niece of yours, I totally would. Oh, babies, they make the world sing.

Beautiful list, friend.

Amanda said...

BEAUTIFUL photo of your niece. I didn't even know they were expecting. Miss you.

Casey Martinez said...

k, that newborn photo is simply gorgeous!! GREAT job!!! And seeing B and how big he is now blows my mind. I haven't been able to blog hop in a while and I miss so much. ARG. Love that living room too..whoever it is decorates so pretty!! Miss you friend!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photo of your niece! Love seeing how God encourages you :) Reading through these posts always reminds me of my own blessings as well. I need to start recording them... I always forget!