Monday, August 8, 2011

Multitude Monday 61 and 62

I am totally bummed about the lack of photos in this post, as I have several from my time in Kentucky and South Carolina, but I am typing from my in-laws computer.  My computer's mouse pad has to be replaced, so it will be a few days before I am able to post the photos that go along with today's Mulitude Monday. 

I am thankful: 

July 25, 2011

2746.  that my granny Betty is now experiencing the perfect relationship we all long for.  She is in the arms of Jesus.

July 26, 2011

2747.  for just enough energy to push through packing and loading for a long car ride
2748.  for the libraries selection of children's DVD's that make our car ride more smooth
2749.  for LAUGHter coming from the backseat as B watches Elmo's world

July 27, 2011

2750.  for arriving home safely
2751.  for Julie and Allison taking the time to come to the funeral home
2752.  to hear my nephew say with excitement, "Uncle Sam, Pookie, and Bennett"
2753.  for the certainty of the salvation my granny proclaimed

July 28, 2011

2754.  for the relationship my granny shared with Jodi and Lucy
2755.  for the golden hue of the sun falling on the bountiful green tries
2756.  that cared for B and B while we attended the funeral
2757.  for the presence of family

July 29, 2011

2758.  for peaceful conversations
2759.  for the boys pool fun
2760.  for Dairy Cheer lunch and El Azul dinner
2761.  for mom doing our laundry
2762.  that I can wear some of gran's clothes and shoes
2763.  for the starry sky
2764.  for the chorus of night time creatures

July 30, 2011

2765.  the sweet sight of Brax and B sitting on the chair playing a Dinosaur game
2766.  a view of the valleys and mountains that take my breath away
2767.   the beginning of vacation
2768.  that my husband is calm and logical when I am overwhelmed and illogical

July 31, 2011

2769.  for B playing independently in the sand
2770.  that a box of raisins buys us time during dinner
2771.  for a relaxing, enjoyable evening with my hubby

August 1, 2011

2772.  for a run with my family
2773.  for the families traveling on foot and bicycles all over Hilton Head Island
2774.  for hush puppies
2775.  for the relaxation that is vacation

August 2-6, 20011


August 7, 2011

2776. for a safe trip home


Unknown said...

Bummer about the computer for sure, but hopefully you will be good as new again soon! :)

Kay K said...

joining you in PRAISE to GOD for his many blessings on us
Also for Betty being free to run, dance and sing !!!

Casey Martinez said...

I love that you have so many wonderful things to be thankful for. Kinda gets me thinking a little deeper about all the awesome things God is blessing us with everyday! Thanks for your sweet comment today friend!