Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rockin' the 97th Percentile

B turned 15 months old last week and yes you read the post title correctly, he is rockin' the 97th percentile in height and weight.  Don't worry his head isn't far behind in the 80th percentile.  Some may be concerned, but don't worry my kid loves the 90's!!!  He has been there since he weighed in at a whopping 10 lb. 5 oz. at birth.

A Few Noteworthy Things
  • He really enjoys flap books at this stage.
  • He has gone on a food strike.  I don't mean he won't eat (obviously).  I mean he will only eat cottage cheese, yogurt, cereal, raisins, baby food in squeeze pouches, peach/pear/mandarin orange fruit cups, sausage, and occasionally a few beans.  That may seem like a lot to you, but this kid used to eat EVERYTHING!
  • He knows he is not allowed to play in the trash can, but he is allowed to throw trash away.  Therefore, he takes every opportunity to throw his own trash in the garbage can.
  • He has learned and is constantly trying to climb.....whether it be the steps (which he has been climbing for months) or onto the couch or into the tub or onto his Thomas the Train, etc.
  • He prefers to be put in his crib at night versus being rocked.  Sam or I will sit down with him and in a matter of seconds he takes his paci out, gives us a kiss, and motions towards the crib.
  • He is beginning to show a lot of interest in his coloring book and crayons.  He doesn't scribble much, but on a daily basis he wants us to give him his crayons to carry around.  He will scribble occasionally.
  • He has pretty severe separation anxiety.  At this point he will stay with my in-laws, but he is rarely content anywhere else unless Sam and I are around.
  • His vocabulary and understanding blow me away.  He says more and understands more every day.  For example, we can say, "Let's go outside."  He says, "Side" and walks toward the door.  We can say, "Wait" and he will stop (most of the time) and say, "Waaaayyy" while making the sign for wait.  We can say "Let's go take a bath."  He says, "Baa" and walks toward the stairs.  We can ask if he is hungry and he will walk to his high chair motioning up.  We ask him to give us a pat and he starts patting us on the back.  The list could go on and on.
  • He still loves to put things in and taking things out of containers.  
  • He enjoys saying, "No" while shaking his head.  This really makes us LAUGH, because he usually uses this response when he mean YES.
  • He continues to love his Veggie Tales CD and is much happier in the car when it is playing.
  • Like most children he loves the TV and Wii remote
  • After watching a cartoon (specifically Dinosaur Train) he makes the more sign while repeatedly saying, "Mor, mor, mor."
  • He continues to love all things water....his bath, the pool, the slide, the water hose, etc.
  • He has 12 teeth
  • He wears some 18 month, but mostly 24 month clothes.

    Dear B,

    We want you to know that you continue to bring so much joy into our lives.  Each passing day you show a little more of your personality.  It is so much fun to watch you play and interact with other people and your toys.  We especially enjoy the way you lean in to give us kisses.  The way you reach your arms up to hug our legs or walk behind us to hug our backs.  The way you squat down looking for the dinosaur on your stacking blocks and when you see it you give us a big, "ROOOOOAAARRRR!"  The way you crack up LAUGHing when you hear us LAUGH.  We love playing hide and seek and peek-a-boo with you, as it brings us as much joy as it brings you.  We love how you pat your head and walk over to the bike when you want us to take you for a bike ride.  There are so many things you do that bring us joy.  Even now, as the early stages of discipline are beginning, we experience joy when you obey us the first time.  It not only brings us joy, it brings you joy.  When you choose to do the right thing versus the wrong thing you will often turn around and smile.  It's like you're saying, "See mom and dad, I did it!"

    You are a lot of fun and we love you very much.

    Mommy and Daddy


    Anna Boney said...

    LOVE IT! You are so good at recording his sweet milestones. I must say that Bennett and Bradford are quite the pair when it comes to build! I smile every time I think of them making noises in the backseat and then laughing at each other. Sweet friends already.

    Kindra said...

    I really love this post, especially the letter you wrote to him. It's really amazing to think back over the last 2 years and recall all the changes - and what an incredibly sweet, fun little boy you have now.

    The mob boss and his enforcer couldn't be on more opposite ends of the growth chart :) We love you B!!!

    Anonymous said...

    He is so cute! I love the photos on the chair!

    Courtney said...

    Oh my goodness, he's cute! my son stayed in the 90th percentile and suddenly got tall and thin. I'm not even sure when it happened. Almost like I woke up one morning to see a different child standing before me. Goes SO fast! Great pictures!

    Yomaida said...

    Hi Amber! I am your newest follower. Your blog is precious. AND your son....SUPER precious. I love the photos of him in the chair. so sweet! Beautiful photos.

    Oh and I hope you'll follow back!:)

    I also linked up on the June Top 5! I hope I did it correctly. :P

    Anonymous said...

    He is getting so big. I love these photos. Really adorable! Oh yes the start of the picky stage. I remember that with Dusytn. Thankfully Carsyn still eats everything.

    Shannon said...

    He is a cutie!!! Love the little chair!!

    Amanda said...

    I love his big adorable heart!!! He is a doll. You're raising a good little boy and I look forward to watching him grow up! (but not too fast.)

    Laura said...

    Stafford is starting to love flap books too!! It makes me SO happy because I was afraid he wouldn't love to read!

    I love reading all about your sweet little man! Makes me feel like I live next door :)

    Branson said...

    He is so handsome! It is always fun to read these and see the similarities and differences when it comes to my own ;) And yes, Aiden is obsessed with the wii-mote. We don't have cable, only netflix, and he is always stealing it and turning on the craziest stuff (thank the Lord for credits before shows actually begin! There is some yuck on Netflix, LOL!)

    Carolina said...

    Great pictures and update of Bennett! Really enjoyed reading this today :)