Monday, July 4, 2011

Multitude Monday LVII

I am thankful:

June 27, 2011

2633.  for movies B can watch when I'm not feeling well

June 28, 2011

2634.  for an overcast day that made the park more enjoyable
2635.  for an excellent 15 month well baby check up
2636.  for watching B explore toys that are new to him
sorry for the not so great photo quality....these are from my iPhone
2637.  for taking my not-so-positive thoughts to God in prayer.....immediately

June 29, 2011

2638.  for positive affirmation
2639.  for the opportunity to renew the mind
2640.  for viewing the heavy rain fall into the bay from an 8th floor window
2641.  for familiar faces at work
2642.  for little hands reaching up and grabbing my waist from behind

June 30, 2011

2643.  for consecutive cooler, overcast days that refreshes my soul and helps the summer not seem so long and hot
2644.  that Anlon enjoyed playing with B's toys and exploring the house
2645.  for an extended period to talk with Kindra and interact with our sons
2646.  for B rubbing his chest (the sign for please) and saying "Peas"
2647.  for watching Kindra share her cereal with B

July 1, 2011

2648.  for B sitting on Grandpa's lap playing with the highlighters
2649.  for B's excitement to sit in the chair at the library and look at books

2650.  for the rainbow we saw on the way home

July 2, 2011

2651.  for the golden hue of the early morning sun
2652.  for a smooth day at work
2653.  for texts telling me of the fun B was having with his cousins
2654.  for Nate helping our family whom he doesn't know

July 3, 2011

2655.  for the pitter patter of little feet and the the rustling sound of a diapered butt
2656.  for less humidity
2657.  for a quiet evening reading and writing with Sam
2658.  for B's cuteness in his bicycle helmet


Ashley Sisk said...

I love how you always find so much to be thankful for. Happy 4th!

Amy Sullivan said...

Clicked over from Ann's. I like how you actually list things from each day! I bet you are copying from a journel, yes? Good idea.

Sweet pics and beautiful space.

Unknown said...

Jumped over from Ann's ... I love
#2637 ... when we do this we receive that immediate forgiveness. Oh how sweet!

Blessings, Beth

Kindra said...

Inspiring list - and #2637 is a needed reminder for me. I know I told you, but I do love your pic of the rainbow. I only saw a small portion of it that day - it makes me think of how beautiful that small part was and yet God had so much more that I couldn't see.

B looks adorable in his helmet :)

Anonymous said...

Great list. Love that rainbow shot.

Danyelle said...

This is the first time I have seen this meme, such a great idea!

I love the picture at the library and the rainbow.