Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wanna See More Zander (and CM Lifetime Membership Winner)

We really had a blast with Zander this past weekend.  I posted most of my favorite photos yesterday, so be sure to click over and check them out.  Plus, you can learn all about Zander and his LOVE for children with special needs.

Zander requested a little time with B while I was enjoying coffee with friends at a fantastic, local bakery here in Tampa.  If you are ever visiting, be sure to check out Sophie's Bakery.

Just hangin' around!!

While we were waiting for the rowers B wanted to give Zander some love.  If you didn't see the rowers, be sure to visit yesterday's post HERE.

Another peek at Zander watching all of the activity on Bayshore Boulevard. 

He also had some more fun at the playground that I didn't show yesterday.

B has two of his very own sock monkey's, so I decided to have a play date.  It looks more like Zander is the old monkey telling the younger monkey's a bedtime story.

And before we sent him on his way to Allison I let him have a little fun in our backyard.  What monkey wouldn't love a mango tree?

*If you would like to host Zander click on over and Kayla will get you signed up!

The winner of the Lifetime Membership to Clickin' Moms is:

Sarah of Naptime Momtog
Congratulations Sarah!!!  
I will forward this post and your information to Megan and she will be contacting you.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos of Zander. I love them! You did such a great job!

I am soooo excited about Clickin Moms. YAY!!!

Unknown said...

Zander was getting his party on!

Ashley Sisk said...

Zander really did have a great time with you guys. I really love the last shot!

Kindra said...

I LOVE the one with his sock monkey buddies and the mango tree shots!!! I bet this stop has been Zander's favorite!:)

mommy to many said...

i want a mango tree!! i can't wait to i get to photo zander!!

Michelle said...

Zander is such a lucky monkey :D I love the one with the other sock monkeys and the mango tree shots (My nephew has a sock monkey that looks exactly like Zander and his name is Mango hehe!)
I'm excited for Zander to be visiting me in Australia!